Traveling with Pets: Everything from the Hotel Choice to the Carrier

Those who are going to travel with pets generally need tips to make things easier. If you want to take your pet with you while going on travel, then you should be aware of the fact that you need a good travel plan.





Before you go, you need a precious plan including every important detail, from the care of your pet to the carrier. In this way, you can make your pawed friend remain comfortable while traveling.





This article is for those who want to travel with a pet and gives information on in-cabin travel, cargo air travel, making a travel plan with a pet, etc. 





In-Cabin Travel  

It varies depending on the airline company whether your pet is allowed to travel in the cabin or not. Some airlines permit pets in the cabin, while some do not. 




The airline companies which permit in-cabin travel, songbirds like canaries and budgies and pets like cats and dogs are permitted to travel with you in their special cages. However, for in-cabin travel, you should visit the vet and prepare all necessary documentation. In addition, keep in mind that your pet is permitted to travel in a cage. 




Cargo Air Travel

Your pet must fly in cargo if it weighs over 8 kilograms. Even though many have concerns about it, it is not worrisome at all. 





Since the cargo pressure and temperature are same as the in-cabin pressure and temperature, your pet will fly in the cargo without any problems. So, you can travel with peace of mind as your pet travels under highly comfortable and safe conditions. 




Making A Travel Plan With A Pet

  • If you are planning to travel with your pet, plan every detail about the travel and accommodation beforehand. 
  • Get a carrier to make your pet travel comfortably.
  • Make sure that you take with you all the necessary documentation, including the vaccination registration certificate, ID, health status information of your pet, etc. 
  • Be sure you know what documentation is required for your pet by the transportation company and the hotel you are going to accommodate, and have them ready beforehand.
  • Pack all the toys, belongings, food and water bowls/dishes, leashes and similar things they would need.
  • When traveling abroad with a pet, you must have the ID, health certificate, pet travel permit, full name and address of the owner of the pet, a description of the pet, as well as a document showing that the vaccinations, in particular the vaccination against rabies, are completely up-to-date.  


Find Pet-Friendly Hotels

When planning and organizing accommodation before you go, you need to consider your pawed friends and search for the hotels that allow pets. This means that you need to make a more specific search for accommodation. There are two types of pet-friendly hotels: hotels that allow both cats and dogs, and hotels that allow only cats or only dogs. When choosing a hotel before traveling with your pet, you must be mindful of this detail.


Choose The Travel Equipment Such As A Carrier And Leash

Have all the equipment, such as a carrier and leash, ready and check them beforehand to make sure that your pet friend travels comfortably and safely with you. If you do not have this equipment, then get it before you go.




What To Do At The Airport With A Pet  

Some airlines also offer services such as pet rooms and pet toilets, which you can use while waiting for the departure time with your little friend. If the airport does not offer such services, then you can take with you some food and sand for the toilet needs.  



While passing through the X-ray at airport security checkpoints, you may be asked to take your pet out of the carrier. If you do not want to do it, carry your pet without a cloth or cushion lying on the base of the carrier.    





Food and Water Needs While Traveling

When traveling with a pet, first of all, you must be considerate of food and water needs. You can pack a special bag for these needs. This bag must contain daily food, vitamins, treats and water. It is also important to take extra amount suitable for the length of the travel. In addition, having food and water needs of your pet satisfied at least 2-3 hours before traveling will make you travel more comfortably.


Tips for Making Them Happy In The Hotel Room

Hotels that allow pets also arrange the room accordingly. Having the room ready so as to make your pet comfortable will make you enjoy your stay and vacation with peace of mind. 




Finding a Local Vet 

When planning your vacation, you can search for local vets in your vacation destination for possible health problems that your pet may experience or situations that may require emergency medical intervention. If you are going to accommodate in a pet-friendly hotel, then the hotel staff will provide you with the necessary guidance and support. 



Care After Travel 

Even though you provide the most comfortable travel conditions for your pet, your pet may feel tired and weak after returning home. However, be sure that they will be okay in a short time. If you do not feel comfortable, then you can visit your vet for a check-up after returning home. If you are planning to travel alone, you can read our blog article 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Want to Go On Vacation Alone to consider different options in detail.



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