Having a Pet at Home

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Hello, I'm Birgul Akgul. I've written this article, compiled from own experiences, for you. I wanted to help by sharing with you the working methods. I wish you enjoy reading.

I have been always in close contact with animals for as long as I've known myself. I spent my childhood in a detached house in the Aegean Region. Earth, nature and animals were my best friends. With Marlo Morgan's Mutant Message Down Under that I read when I was in middle school, I started to gain experience in this regard   For me, animal care is much easier than most of the things I do in this life; I can say that when you love someone from your heart and unconditionally, nothing you do will make you feel tired.


I Have Never Had A Pet, But I Really Want It. What Should I Do?

Instead of directly owning a pet, you should better try to know yourself about animals for a while. Having a pet has upsides, as well as challenges. Following the getting-to-know course, if you believe that you can take care of an animal for the rest of its life, you can own a pet. Animal care also requires an additional budget, which I will touch on in the following lines.


How to Have A Kitten

You owned a kitten or found a kitten in poor condition on the street. Depending on how young the kitten is, you should firstly consult a veterinarian. The veterinarian will tell you how you should take care of it. If you want to help a kitten on the street, you can ask for help from a veterinarian; unfortunately, veterinary expenses may be very high in some cases in our country. For a young orphaned kitten, you should buy a special feeding bottle and supplement formula. Feeding is very important as it will get hungry very often.


What to Do for Kittens with Infected Eyes

Two kittens I found last month had infected eyes with scabs. I used warm water and a clean cloth to soften the scab, and opened their eyes. Eye infection may be the major problem of kittens, and most of them either die or lose their eyes because of this. So, a small intervention will give its life back. There are very affordable drops and ointments for eye infection. It will be good to apply it to the eyes 2-3 times a day.


Why Do Old Dogs Sleep So Much?

Betty, my 15-year-old dog, is very healthy compared to her peers, but, of course, she is not as active as she is due to her age. It is also normal that the animals sleep longer than us due to their brain activities and as they do not have a stimulating life like people. Our deep sleep duration is longer than that of the animals, and so they sleep longer to get the energy they need. If you observe oversleeping or sudden inactivity in your pet, you should take it to a veterinarian.


Is Neutering Necessary?

Again based on my own experience, I have to say that I think it is necessary. Unfortunately, my male cat, which was castrated when it was 1 year old, still sprays by instinct. I was not aware when I owned my dog, and I was against neutering. My dog was old and anesthesia was risky when my awareness was raised in the following years. In October 2019, I realized that something was not going well with her, and many tumors were found in the examination. Taking a great risk, I decided to get her to undergo a surgery. Both the tumors and her uterus were removed by that surgery. She underwent neutering at the age of 14. She is very well now. I even make joke at her saying, "The 75,000 km check-up did you good Betty."

Is There Any Insurance for Pets?

Unfortunately, there is no insurance to support animal owners. You need to pay for feeds, treatment costs, vaccines, care, pension, etc.  So, keep in mind that you will need to budget approximately 500 TL per month for each animal you own. Unexpected expenses may also occur. So, you should better consider it in every aspect while embarking on this long journey.



Should We Give Dog and Cat Foods or Homemade Foods to The Cats and Dogs?

I have always fed my dog with good-quality dog foods from the very beginning. I think that it has been beneficial in terms of her healthy teeth and skin, and she has reached the age of 15. Although not very often, I also gave boiled meat, chicken and liver in a conscious manner. Homemade foods are not suitable for our friends; foodstuff such as oil, onion, garlic, and spices may be harmful for their stomach and intestines. Problems such as skin and internal diseases may develop not in a short time, but in the long term. Similarly, I feed my cats with cat foods.


Is It Difficult to Travel with Pets?

It is difficult to use urban public transportation or to find pet-friendly hotels on your travels. But, collecting memories with your friend is worth all these difficulties. If you are planning a long land-trip, you can first try short trips with your friend, and see if she is happy in the car. Some animals have difficulty in the car, and they may have carsickness. My dog Betty is a free-spirited, good companion. We have traveled to many places in Turkey.


You need to submit your request during ticketing on air travel. If your request is approved, you board the flight with the vaccination card and a transport cage. Some companies charge per kilo, and some charge based on units.

I think that I will need to write a series of articles. There is much more to write about it. Their emotions, empathy, their benefits to children, health, training ... Thanks for reading. Would you do me a favor and remember our friends on the street in these hot days? Please leave ‘’a bowl of water and food’’ for them.

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