5 Best Destinations for Those Who Want to Go On Vacation Alone

Without a doubt, vacation with families and friends are so much fun. However, there are times that going on vacation alone is relaxing and tempting. If you are planning to go on vacation alone, then you can find the peace and serenity you need in 5 destinations we suggest. Here are 5 best destinations you can enjoy a fantastic vacation alone.




1. Kaz Mountains

In the summer, there are so many places to go. But sometimes you may not prefer sea, sun and sand. Kaz Mountains will be perfect for those who want to take a vacation in a place in touch with oxygen-rich nature. 





Located between Balikesir and Canakkale and overlooking Edremit Gulf, it is a destination that is ideal for those who want to enjoy vacation alone in touch with serene nature where green and blue dance in harmony. When you travel to Kaz Mountains, you must visit Tas Kopru (Stone Bridge), Mihli Stream, Altar of Zeus, Hasanboguldu, Adatepe Village and Yesilyurt Village. Kaz Mountains are only one and a half hours away from popular destinations like Assos and Cunda Island, so you can include these destinations in your travel bucket list for a great and fun vacation. 



2. Bodrum 

If you are planning to go on vacation alone in a lively destination, then you can prefer Bodrum, which is a popular and highly energetic place. Bodrum offers not only natural beauties but also so many activities to do. 




Boat tours, Bodrum bazaar and Bodrum nights filled with music and dance can promise you a dynamic and fun vacation. Tuzla Bird Sanctuary, Halikarnas Mausoleum, Etrim Village, Bodrum Castle and Bitez Castle are among the places you can visit during your vacation in Bodrum. With numerous delicacies to appeal to your taste, Bodrum cuisine will also make you enjoy an excellent vacation. 




3. Agva

Located between Goksu and Yesilcay, Agva, which is only 1 hour away from Istanbul, is ideal for those who want to take quiet vacation alone. Agva is famous not only for its bays and beaches but also for its clean nature and offers accommodation options for every budget. 




You can also visit Sakli Lake, Kilim Bay and Gelin Kayasi during your vacation in Agva. Agva is one of the destinations that come to mind when it comes to serenity and peace and promises you the peace you need during your vacation alone.  





4. Gokceada

Gokceada is a destination ideal for the peaceful and quiet vacation you want to take alone and stands out as a place that makes you relax both physically and mentally.





With the red glow of the setting sun hitting the sea in the evening, its rich-blue and crystal-clear sea, Greek houses, spotlessly-clean beaches and local delicacies, Gokceada will make you enjoy an excellent vacation experience.  You can include Yildiz Bay, Laz Bay, Tepekoy Cinaralti and Aydincik Beach in your travel bucket list to enjoy the sea during your vacation in Gokceada. 




5. Ayvalik

Ayvalik is a destination that is very close to metropolitans like Bursa, Istanbul and Izmir and is ideal for those who want to take vacation alone. With its quiet, serene and peaceful atmosphere, it promises more than what is expected from a vacation. Offering a quiet and lively atmosphere at the same time thanks to its natural beauties, spotlessly-clean beaches, traditional stone houses and lively bazaar.



The souvenir shops, boutiques, patisseries, cafes, antique stores and casual restaurants on Barbaros Street, which is located in the center and closed to traffic, offer warm and friendly atmosphere. Watching the fantastic glow of the setting sun on Seytan Sofrasi with a panoramic view is also another beauty offered by this destination. Our article 10 Inspiring Female Travelers of Turkey can guide you when you want to travel abroad alone. 



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