Suggestions for Vacation in November: Places to Go in November

Vacation in November is a break you can take just before winter comes and enjoy the last summer-like days. November can also be referred to as a month that is ideal to visit some places. There are various destinations within the country and abroad that promise an incredibly enjoyable vacation in this time of the year, in between summer and autumn.   




In November, you can take a swim in the rich-blue, calm sea, which is still warm, while enjoying a peaceful vacation experience, accompanied by the beautiful colors that autumn brings to nature. If you are making such a vacation plan and trying to find the places to go in November, our article may be helpful. Below you can find suggestions on places to visit and explore in November. 



Where to Swim in November

Even though November is a month of autumn, the breezes of summer are still around. For those who would like to take seaside vacation, November is not too late. To top it all, accommodation and other expenses can be more affordable. So, there are many alternatives for seaside vacation for those who are trying to find places to go in November.   



Thanks to its shallow sea, cultural heritage from ancient times and unique nature, Side is a destination that is ideal route for those who want to enjoy the sea also in autumn. You can choose this pretty district of Antalya for a relaxing vacation in touch with peaceful nature beside the Ancient City of Side. Featuring extremely comfortable accommodation facilities, Side can be a fantastic vacation alternative in November.



Didim, one of the popular holiday resorts in the Aegean, summer lasts until autumn. Since the region has a moderate climate, sea water remains warm until the end of November. This is why Didim always hits the top of the list of places to visit in November. Thanks to its fascinating bays and beaches, Didim can be an ideal alternative among places to visit for taking vacation in November. 



Thanks to its moderate climate, comfortable accommodation alternatives and spotlessly-clean beaches, Kundu in Aksu, Antalya, can also be an alternative for vacation in November. Kundu promises a quiet, relaxing vacation in November, thanks to its peaceful, precious, lush nature.




Kemer, one of the most popular holiday resorts in Antalya, attracts those who are planning to take a vacation in November for its long-lasting summer season. Kemer promises a quiet, peaceful and comfortable vacation in November. 



Places To Go Abroad In November

There are various countries to include on your list if you are planning to travel abroad in November. You can enjoy a romantic, delightful vacation experience in one of these countries that turn to yellow and red as autumn arrives. Here are suggestions on places to go abroad in November. 



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to its spectacular architecture, deep-rooted history and natural beauties, Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a great vacation alternative in November. The historical Mostar Bridge, waterfalls, mosques and unique buildings will make you enjoy unforgettable time and create beautiful memories in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our article Must-Visit Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be helpful. 



Berlin, one of the most beautiful European cities, can be an excellent alternative for taking vacation abroad in November. Standing out with its fascinating architecture, cultural richness and cuisine, Berlin promises unforgettable moments. Our article Berlin Travel Guide on Barut Hotels’ blog can be inspiring. 




With its mystical ambiance, unique architecture and fairytale-like atmosphere, Beirut can make you enjoy a delightful vacation experience in November. This multicultural metropolis can promise an excellent vacation in autumn. Our article Must-Visit and Must-See Places in Beirut includes detailed information on Beirut, which also attracts those who are fond of their palates with its cuisine.    


Places To Camp In November

If you like camping with your family and loved ones and being in nature, then you can take an unforgettable camping vacation, accompanied by the fantastic colors of November. 

•Yedigoller National Park



•Sapanca Lake


•Abant Lake National Park








are among the sites to camp in November.




Places To Travel Alone In November

There are also great, enjoyable places for those who want to have a solo-vacation or want to be alone for a short time. Taking nature walks, sipping your drink in quiet cafes and exploring places, you can take a relaxing vacation in November in these destinations. 









You can enjoy watching natural beauties, including mountains, forests, rivers and sea, take a journey into history, and experience a delightful vacation in these destinations, which are among the places to visit in November. 


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