Must-Visit Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Even though its name evokes sorrow and sadness at first, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a must-visit country with its historical and natural beauties and unique architecture and places. Having suffered from war and genocide, this sorrowful country also features many beauties. Teeming with details leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of visitors, Bosnia and Herzegovina must be included in the must-visit list of travel lovers for its elegant architecture and fascinating beauty.

Having suffered great damage and loss during the World War, this exhausted country, despite all that happened, shook it off and stood up and managed to survive. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a visa-free country, you can enjoy the lush nature and collect unforgettable memories. To recall other sites making the cultural life more valuable with their presence, you can take a look at our article 10 Sites Under UNESCO Protection in Turkey. Let's take on a journey to must-see beauties in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo Bascarsija

In this historically valuable corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can shop and enjoy the history. There is a fountain, which was built during the Ottoman period, in the middle of the bazaar. The bazaar also stands out with the characteristics of Ottoman architecture it features. With stores, shops, mosques and many other places, the bazaar was restored after the great damage it suffered during a fire in the 19th century. 


Sarajevo - Tunnel of Hope

Bearing the traces of the war, the Tunnel of Hope exists as a reminder. Built to sneak medicine, food and war supplies into the city during the war, this 800-meter-long tunnel has been a secret hero for the city to survive and exist. Turned into a museum, this tunnel breathes the spirit of those times. Also allowed the Bosnians to leave the city, the Tunnel of Hope, as its name suggests, raised the hopes of desperate people of the city. 


Sarajevo Cathedral

Built in 1889 on Ferhadiye Street, Sarajevo Cathedral is one of the most visited places. Inspired by the Notre Dame Cathedral, this building is the center of Catholic worship in the city. Sarajevo Cathedral, which is also known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus, has become one of the architectural elements that make the city more valuable.



Mostar Bridge

Mostar is the second most important city in Bosnia and Herzegovina after Sarajevo and also the most visited place by foreign tourists. Mostar Bridge is the symbol that reflects the spirit of the city. Located on the River Neretva, Mostar Bridge is one of the most important structures not only in the country but also in the world. Built by the architect Hayreddin in 1566, the bridge enjoys the pride of being included in the World Heritage List. 




Due to its proximity to Sarajevo, Konjic is usually the first visited place. Located 55 kilometers from the center, this town is famous for the bridge that has the same name as the town. Destroyed by the Germans during World War II, Konjic Bridge was rebuilt afterwards. With the minaret that was also destroyed during the war, Vardacka Mosque is also located in this town. The mosque, which is open for worship today, was partially destroyed but not restored as a reminder of how cruel the war was.



Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls is a must-visit place for everyone visiting Mostar. Located 40 meters from the center, the waterfalls fascinate the visitors with the exceptional view of water flowing from a height of 25 meters. Evoking serenity and tranquility with its lush green landscape, it is worthy of being included in the must-visit list.  



Karagoz Bey Mosque

Fascinating the visitors with its dome with raised motifs and quiet high minaret, Karagoz Bey Mosque was built in 1557. Featuring impressive architectural details, the mosque is one of the structures that make the city of Mostar more valuable. It was built by Mimar Sinan but demolished and rebuilt in 1992. Neighboring the mosque is a public library, which served as a madrasah in the past.



Srebrenica Genocide Memorial

Located in Srebrenica, Srebrenica Genocide Memorial stands out as a place that houses the graves of the victims who were born on different dates but died on the same date. It is impossible to leave the cemetery, which houses the graves of the Bosnians who were killed by the Serbs in 1995, without feeling sad. 




Located at the spring of Buna River, a branch of the River Neretva, the town stands out as the first settlement where Islam was adopted in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Blagaj, which is only 15 kilometers away from the city of Mostar, you will not only enjoy the natural beauties but also tasty fish at the fish restaurants located herein. 




Nestled between Kravice Waterfalls and Blagaj, this village, which is also known as the first Turkish village, Pocitelj is famous for its emerald green nature. Visoko Castle, which is situated in the village and included in the UNESCO list, can also be visited during the trip.  

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