Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin draw attention as one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, and there is so much to explore in this unique metropolis. Becoming prominent with its rich history, cultural diversity and dynamic atmosphere, Berlin turns into a magical playground for tourists. This city, which has a specific spirit thanks to the historical events and impressive architectural structures over hundreds of years, brings unforgettable memories to the visitors from all over the world. Whether you are an art lover, a history fancier or just want to explore new places, you can make your trip easy through the Berlin travel guide.


When to Go to Berlin?

While planning your travel to Berlin, it is important to determine the city's best time for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to visit Berlin based on the seasons. In the middle of the spring, that is, in April and May, the places to visit under the Berlin travel guide will be less crowded, and the air temperature will be quite pleasant. 




The summer months are the busiest time of Berlin. While the streets, cafes and restaurants of the city are full in June, July and August, the historical and touristic places available in the list of must-visit places in Berlin also start to attract great attention. However, it should not be forgotten that the accommodation prices may increase during the summer months and that it is important to make a reservation in advance.



During the autumn period, in September and October, the weather conditions are still pleasant, and you can capture the beautiful photo frames in the city during such period in which the leaves change color. You can also experience the food festivals held in Berlin along with the harvest time brought by the autumn season.





During the winter months, although snowfall and cold weather have taken over the city since December, you can collect the unforgettable memories thanks to the Christmas atmosphere and the Christmas markets held during such period. However, you should consider that the working hours of some historical places are limited during such period, which attracts fewer tourists in the winter.




In addition to the cities, which are most visited by tourists, such as Berlin, you can also review our article Europe's Lesser Known Vacation Routes for other beautiful cities waiting to be discovered in Europe.





Must-Visit Places in Berlin

As a city full of historical and cultural riches, Berlin welcomes many tourists each year. By exploring such important tourist points provided in the Berlin travel guide, you can better understand the history and culture of the city.




Brandenburg Gate

First of all, you should visit the Brandenburg Gate, which is at the top of the list of must-visit places in Berlin. This gate is considered as the symbol of Germany, and it has become a symbol of peace and freedom upon demolition of the Berlin Wall. The nearby Reichstag Building hosts the German Federal Parliament, and its attracts visitors with its famous glass dome.



Museum Island

Located on the River Spree, Museum Island is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The Pergamon Museum is full of artifacts from the Ancient Greek and Roman periods, and the world-famous Ishtar Gate is also exhibited there. The Alte Nationalgalerie includes the most important examples of the European art of 19th century.



Berlin Cathedral

Built in the Neo-Renaissance style in the 19th century, Berlin Cathedral is a building that draws attention with its architectural beauty. The interior thereof is also quite impressive. Climbing the dome, you can see the panoramic view of the city.




Tiergarten Park

Located in the city center, Tiergarten is a large and magnificent green space. Here you can have a picnic, ride a bike or just be alone with the nature. You can also visit the Berlin Zoo that is situated in the park.




Berlin Wall Memorial 

You can visit a memorial consisting of the remains of the Berlin Wall, which is a symbol of the Cold War period. It is one of Berlin's major tourist attractions due to its historical and political significance.




Television Tower

One of Berlin's iconic buildings, the Television Tower offers the panoramic view of the city with its 368-meter-high observation platform. 





Holocaust Memorial

Built to commemorate the Jewish people killed during the World War II, this memorial provides an impressive experience. It has a labyrinth-like structure made of concrete blocks.




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