What to Eat in Kas? Best Restaurants in Kas

The quiet and unique environment of Kas, featuring a high-quality and matchless atmosphere, makes Kas a special destination that attracts vacationers who are looking for peace and authenticity rather than popular places. As soon as the visitors step into Kas, they are fascinated by its historical riches, narrow streets, high-quality boutiques, atmosphere, which is lively but not tiring, especially during the nighttime, rich cuisine and beautiful enterprises.



Kas offers a worth-seeing view with the fantastic beauty of its sea and beaches. Kas is also a praiseworthy destination for its unique delicacies and restaurants, which make it more special for gastronomy lovers. For those who are planning to travel to Kas, one of the most special places in the Mediterranean, our article A Tourist Attraction with Unique Beauty: Kas can give ideas. 




The gastronomic journey starts for those who wish to discover the delicacies of Kas. We have listed the most special delicacies and restaurants of Kas for those who want to know what to eat and what kind of food and drink experience to enjoy in Kas. Here are the delicacies and must-visit restaurants of Kas:




Oburus Momus

Oburus Momus is preferred by those who do not eat meat and animal products, and it makes a difference with its vegetarian and vegan cuisine, which receives great recognition.





With its savory menu consisting of vegetarian dishes such as hummus, falafel and pasta, Oburus Momus deserves to be listed among the best restaurants in Kas for its special delicacies like spring rolls, bread topped with aubergine, Thai-style noodles and ginger soda, which all make one who tastes them addictive. 






L'Apero is a typical French restaurant as it is run by a French chef. Even though the prices are a bit higher than the prices of other restaurants in Kas, you will realize that it's worth it as soon as you the delicacies on the menu. 




The restaurant offers special delicacies like beet-mango tartare, Moules-frites (Mussels and Potatoes with White Wine), Boeuf Bourguignon (Meat Casserole with Red Wine) and profiteroles; but if you prefer more traditional delicacies, then you can also order French-style steak. L'escargot, a dish made with snails, can be an interesting alternative for those who would like to try it.   





Mrs. Sebahat, the founder of this restaurant, first traveled to Kas for vacation. Then, she fell in love with Kas and started to sell lokma (a Turkish fried sweet dough), which she made with her mother's recipe, on a small cart. Her business has grown over time and this adventure has turned into the current restaurant.




At Bi'Lokma, you can have a great breakfast in the early hours of the morning or have wine and cheese accompanied by a romantic sunset view in the evening, or enjoy dinner menus designed with great care.







The common point of all the restaurants in Kas is that they are small but they offer a rich variety of culinary delights. Pell's is one of those restaurants. This small and cozy restaurant offers savory breakfasts, lunches and dinners and cocktails. 




Pell's is famous for its breakfasts consisting of natural and additive-free jams, honey, butter, sausages, olives and Aegean herbs from different regions and turns dinners into a palate-pleasing feast with the delicacies made by its Lebanese chef. Standing out with its Mediterranean-style fusion dishes, it offers a rich selection of delicacies including beetroot carpaccio and Frankfurter on fire-roasted vegetables.




Lily's Corner 

Lily's Corner stands out as a restaurant that anyone who loves Italian cuisine should visit. The owner of the restaurant, which is located in between the narrow streets in the center of Kas and offers special delicacies that receive great praises from the guests, is Mr. Semih. Mr. Semih lived in Paris for a while and then settled in Kas with his daughter Lily.




He worked with an Italian chef for a while and then opened Lily's Corner in 2019. Lily's Corner hosts its guests in a small yard, and it is a restaurant that must be visited by those who love selected delicacies like typical Italian pizzas, fresh pasta, pasta on a parmesan wheel, as well as wine and beer. The olive oil and hot pepper sauces, which are special products of the restaurant and served with pizzas, make pizzas even more delicious.  




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