A Tourist Attraction with Unique Beauty: Kas

Kas is one of the first destinations that come to mind for those looking for a quiet, calm and natural spot away from the crowds to relieve the tiredness caused by winter and the busy work tempo and to calm the body and soul. Kas, a district located on the western side of Antalya and standing out with its historical and natural beauties, is a destination preferred not only for the trio of sea-sun-sand, but also for exciting activities such as paragliding, diving, trekking and rock climbing.



Neighboring Demre in the east and Fethiye in the west, Kas is located 170 kilometers away from the center of Antalya. In the district, which stands out with its fine sandy beach "Kaputas" situated between Kas and Kalkan, there are so many activities to do both day and night. In Kas, which is also home to numerous ruins dating back to ancient times, the King Sarcophagus and tombs are among the most interesting spots.




Taking advantage of the generous sun rays for 12 months of the year, Kas is a district, which also became the capital of Lycia, also known as the "Land of the Sun". Ancient cities such as Patara, Antiphellos, Xanthos, Phellos, Isinda, Pirha, Nisa, Apollonia and Kekova, which were all included in the world heritage list by UNESCO, add that mysterious vibe to Kas. With rumor has it that it took its name from the crescent-like shape of its coast, Kas is worthy of this name because of the Meis Island, which is located at the heart of the coast. 

Let's take a look at how you can spend time in Kas and where you should visit and see.



There is no doubt that Patara is one of the places that comes to mind when it comes to Kas. Being 40 km away from Kas, Patara is famous for its ancient city and vast beach. Patara, which was once also the capital of the Lycian League, is one of the must-visit historical corridors.





If you have come all the way to Kas, then you must visit Kalkan. Being about 25 kilometers away from Kas, Kalkan is a town bearing deep traces of Lycia. The world-famous Patara and Kaputas beaches are also located within Kalkan. The majority of the community in Kalkan consists of British people who have bought a house here and live a settled life. In Kalkan, which also features an extremely colorful nightlife, luxurious and small hotels and villa tourism, rather than boutique hostels, are highly popular.


Saklikent Canyon

The word has is that Saklıkent Canyon was formed as a result of an earthquake. With a length of 14 kilometers, the canyon has an astonishing beauty. There are shops selling gozleme and hiking shoes in the canyon. If you come without hiking shoes, then you can buy them here because of the fact that the topographic structure of the region is not suitable for walking in normal shoes. If you visit Saklikent canyon during the hottest periods of summer, you can dive into the ice-cold water and watch the surrounding.



With modest fish restaurants and ice cream shops offering the unique taste of burnt ice cream, Ucagiz is an extremely pleasant and pretty town, where daily tour boats run and to which marina and small hostels add color. We advise you to visit it if you happen to visit Kas.




Sunken City and Kekova

Sunken City is an area, which is full of ruins from the ancient city of Dolichiste that was destroyed by earthquakes in the second century. It is possible to come across with the traces of past civilizations in this peaceful destination, where yachts and boats anchor.

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