What is Cold Brew? How To Make Cold Brew

Cold brew is a tasty drink that is popular for its refreshing effect, especially in summer. You can drink cold brew, which is one of the popular cold coffee varieties for its brewing technique and strong taste, not only at cafes but also at home.





The recipe of this refreshing drink, which is frequently included among home-made cold coffee recipes, does not demand much. Including details on what cold brew is and how it is made, this article will help you make tasty refreshing recipes at home. 




What is Cold Brew?   

Cold brew is a technique of making coffee based on cold brewing. Cold brew is made by steeping coarse coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time. 




After a brewing period of 24 hours, it is strained and served with milk or ice. Even if it seems quite easy to make, this recipe requires some tips for good results. Cold brew is made with different types of professional brewing equipment at cafes but it can also be made at home with a French press or Hario Mizudashi. Due to the long brewing time, it is also recommended to use coarsely ground coffee to prevent bitter taste of coffee. 



Ingredients for Home-Made Cold Brew 

The ingredients for home-made cold brew are: 

• 1 liter of cold water

• 120 grams of coarsely ground coffee beans

• Desired amount of ice

• 1 glass of cold milk

A tasty home-made cold coffee is possible with the above ingredients. 


How to Make Cold Brew 

To make cold brew at home: 

•For an easily made cold coffee, take the coarsely ground coffee beans into a jug, add drinking water and mix them.

•Let the mixture rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours, preferably 24 hours, so that the water extracts the coffee for its full taste and releases the aroma fully.

After the brewing period, strain the mixture through a wire mesh strainer or paper filter. In this way, all the coffee grounds will be removed and the coffee will be completely smooth. 

•Distribute the cold brew into glasses and serve after adding ice cubes. If you wish, you can also add cold milk to the glasses. 



Things to Consider When Making Cold Brew

There are some important points to consider to get tasty results when making cold brew coffee at home. With right steps, you can make a tasty cold filter coffee. 

•Choose a high-quality coffee. High-quality coffee beans with strong aroma will make the cold brew extremely tasty.

• Check the roasting level of coffee beans. The cold brew made with light roast coffee beans will make the water taste more fruity and floral. However, the caffeine content will be high.

The cold brew made with slightly more roasted beans will taste more bitter and smoky. However, the caffeine content will be relatively lower. If you want to know which one is better; we recommend you to make cold brew with medium and dark roast coffee beans. Because the caffeine content will be lower and it will taste stronger. 

•Use coarsely ground coffee beans. 

•Your coffee will taste much better if freshly roasted coffee beans or coffee beans, which are ground before brewing, are used. 

•Make sure that the ratio of coffee to water is proper. The ideal ratio is 1/18 or 1/10. 

•The quality of the brewing water used plays an important role in the taste of the coffee. Use bottled drinking water rather than chlorinated and limed tap water. 

•The longer the coffee is brewed, the more tasty it will be. It ranges from 8 to 24 hours. The ideal brewing period is 24 hours. If you have time, let your coffee brew for 24 hours.  

•Use a French press for straining or use materials such as a muslin, fine mesh strainer or paper filter.  

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