Tips for Keeping a Healthy Diet in Summer

Since the temperature is mostly above normal in summer, we may need to pay more attention and be more careful to stay healthy. Accordingly, a healthy diet plays a big role. In hot summer months, we have to pay attention to eat healthy and lighter foods in order to keep our blood pressure and all body functions healthy and balanced. So what are the tips for keeping a healthy diet in summer? You can find the details below in our article. Our article Famous Dishes of Aegean Region, which mostly include lighter summer dishes made with olive oil, can also give you idea about summer menus.  



What To Eat In Summer 

When the summer arrives, body temperature increases and all dynamics of metabolism change. Since the air is more humid, sweating and dehydration occur. Therefore, adequate water consumption is the first thing to pay attention. In order to avoid loss of minerals in the body as a result of sweating, attention should be paid to consume water every day. 



Although salt is essential for a healthy life and healthy functioning of the body, exceeding the required daily intake amount may create a serious risk to health. Excessive intake of salt may increase blood pressure and be harmful to several organs, including especially the kidneys and heart. Therefore, attention should be paid to salt consumption, and extremely salty packaged foods, and pickled vegetables and meat should be consumed with care.




Refreshing drinks are needed more in summer heat. Mostly, fizzy drinks, ready-made fruit juices and drinks are preferred. However, the acid, refined sugar, and sweetening, coloring and flavoring agents contained in these drinks may cause serious harm to health. 





Since it causes excessive caloric intake, frequent consumption of these drinks as a refreshing drink is not recommended by nutritionists and physicians. Instead, freshly squeezed and additive-free fruit juices, home-made smoothies, ayran and kefir made with low-fat yogurt can be consumed. Fries are tasty, but they are also one of the foods harmful to health. Although an abundant and rich variety of summer vegetables makes dishes such as fries more attractive, the chemical change and excess oil absorption of fried foods make them unhealthy and contain higher calories.



For lighter menus, you can prefer oven-baked or steamed vegetables rather than fried vegetables to avoid extra burden on the metabolism, especially on the heart, in the summer heat. The abundance of sun-ripened fruits and vegetables is one of the best things in summer. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals in every meal will help you be more fit in summer. Attention should be paid to balanced consumption of water-rich fruits such as watermelon and peach for water compensation due to increased dehydration caused by sweating in summer. 



How To Replace Minerals Lost Through Sweating

In summer, we sweat even if we do not move a lot as it cools down the body temperature. Sweating is an important and valuable process for health. However, excessive sweating is also harmful since the minerals essential for body functioning are lost through sweating. This may cause problems such as a drop in blood pressure, fatigue, blackout, exhaustion, distraction, and drowsiness. 




Sodium loss through sweating may also cause some problems. Muscle cramp is one of the most common problems caused by sodium deficiency. In case of sodium deficiency, consumption of raw vegetables such as lettuce and dill containing this mineral can help you maintain the mineral balance. You can consume foods such as beans, nuts, bananas, oranges, peaches, dried fruits, potatoes, spinach and parsley to overcome potassium deficiency. 




Hazelnut, chocolate, artichoke, legumes, green leafy vegetables, seafood and nuts are rich in magnesium, which is essential for healthy functioning of the muscle and nervous system. Including these foods in your daily menus can help you be more fit and energetic in summer. Maintaining a lighter diet and consuming more water than in winter can make you enjoy a blissful and comfortable summer.


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