Famous Dishes of Aegean Region

Aegean Region is one of the regions in our country that is famous for its nature, sea, historical beauties and cuisine. When it comes to Aegean, olive oil dishes, seafood, herbs and mezzes come to mind. These delicious and healthy dishes form the most important part of our rich culture. Aegean cuisine is a very rich cuisine. We could not include all the dishes in our article, but listed the first ones that come to mind when it comes to Aegean dishes.



Stuffed Zucchini Flower

It always ranks top on the list of Aegean dishes. Stuffed zucchini flower is such a delicacy that the one who tastes it falls in love with both the way it looks and its taste. The zucchini flower is harvested before the sun rises in the morning during a period starting from May and June until October, and filled after it is cleaned. The zucchini flower, a very delicate plant, is prepared with the due diligence and takes its place on the table. You can taste the most delicious stuffed zucchini flowers in Cunda, Alacati, Cesme, Bodrum and Izmir.


Blessed Thistle

This delicious herb is one of the culinary codes of the Aegean. Blessed thistle is grown in November and harvested until spring. Blessed Thistle can be made with meat and olive oil or used in salad, and you can taste the most delicious version in Urla, Tire, Seferihisar and Foca.




Black-Eyed Pea

Black-eyed pea salad with plenty of lemon and olive oil is popular in Aegean tables. Black-eyed pea can be made as an appetizer or as a pot meal, and you can taste it in almost every restaurant in the Aegean Region.





Izmir Meatball

Izmir meatball is one of the indispensables of Aegean dishes. Looking extremely appetizing, Izmir meatball is an Aegean dish made with plenty of tomato paste, long and thick meatballs, coarsely chopped potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. Izmir meatball is one of the most famous dishes of the Aegean region, and it can be easily found in almost every restaurant.





This unique popular mezze is used not only as an appetizer, but also as a filling mixture. Going well also with pastries and canapes and being made with broad beans and olive oil, Fava is also known for its appetizing feature. You can taste the most delicious fava in Ayvalik, Cunda, Kusadasi, Izmir and fish restaurants.




Herb Pastry

Herb pastry is made by mixing herbs such as spinach, chard, mallow, sorrel grown in the Aegean Region and curd cheese. The most delicious herb pastries are made by experienced ladies of the region. We can list the places where you can taste most delicious herb pastries as Alacati, Sigacik, Bademli and Sirince.




Aegean Keskek

Keskek is a rich delicacy made in many cities in Anatolia. This special dish, which is made with cracked wheat, meat and bone, also ranks top of the Aegean cuisine. You can taste this delicacy in Aegean restaurants where local dishes are served.

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