The Cities in Which the Movies Are Set

While watching a movie, people are attracted not only by the plot, cast, editing or filming techniques but also by the setting of the movie. Visiting the city where the movie was filmed, wandering around those places and reliving every frame of the movie over and over again promise unforgettable moments. This is one of the things that turn most of the movies into a classic. The city that the movie sets in and all the details about that city become at least as immortal as that movie. 



In this article, we take a look at the cities and places where famous movies were filmed. So let's start. Here are the cities where the most famous movies were filmed… Speaking of the cities, you can also take a look at our previous article The Most Photogenic Cities written by Kerimcan Akduman. 





Harry Potter / Christ Church College (Oxford England)

Oxford is a city that has starred in many movies filmed in England. A Fish Called Wanda, The Italian Job and Young Sherlock Holmes are the movies that first come to mind. In this movie that took the world by storm, the scenes in Hogwarts, the school of Harry Potter, were also filmed in the city of Oxford.  Hogwarts is actually the college of Christ Church, which has a spectacular architecture. As soon as you see that majestic, big hall and the corridors with the 16th-century architectural style, the scenes of the movie play over in your mind.  



Jaws / Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts - USA)

Jaws, one of the cult movies that has turned into a thriller classic and that people lovingly watch even today, was filmed in a pretty town called Martha's Vineyard in the United States. If you ever happen to visit it, you can walk about the town located in Massachusetts, while remembering the terrifying adventures in Jaws. 



Inception / Nijo Castle (Kyoto Japan)

With its mysterious and though-provoking scenes, Nijo Castle, where the unforgettable movie "Inception" was filmed, has attracted many travel enthusiasts. Let's remember back to the Nijo Castle located in the city of Kyoto, which is famous for its cherry orchards, and the action-filled scenes of the movie.




Pretty Woman/ Beverly Hills (Los Angeles USA)

The movie Pretty Woman, which occupies a special place in the hearts of movie lovers with its stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, original soundtrack and romantic scenes, was filmed in Beverly Hills, which has been the setting of countless movies. Beverly Hills is where the heart of American film industry beats and where numerous classics such as Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills, 90210 were filmed. The Beverly Wilshire Hotel stands out as the location where most of the scenes of the movie Pretty Woman were filmed in 1990.  



The Lord of the Rings / Matamata - New Zealand

The legendary movie "The Lord of the Rings" has been engraved in memories not only for its plot but also for the emerald green meadows and fantastic setting. This charming place, which also features the Shire and Hobbit houses in Matamata, is situated in New Zealand.  




Notting Hill / London- England 

Notting Hill, a wonderful romantic comedy movie standing out not only with the great acting performances of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts but also with lush green grasses and fascinating places, was filmed in Notting Hill. 





The Da Vinci Code / Vatican (Rome-Italy)

The Da Vinci Code, written based on Dan Brown's book which has broken sales records across the world, has already become a classic with the masterful acting performance of Tom Hanks. The scenes of the movie were mostly filmed in the fascinating atmosphere of the Vatican.




Forrest Gump / Savannah (Georgia-USA)

Forrest Gump, which is still fresh in minds not only for its story but also for its soundtrack, was filmed in Savannah, Georgia, USA. One of the most important scenes of the movie takes place on the bench at the bus stop in Chippewa Square. That bench is now in the Savannah Museum of History. 


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