The Most Photogenic Cities

Depending on its characteristics, each city has lovely and unpleasant aspects. However, some cities can take one to a movie set sometimes thanks to their nature or streets. Then, what you need to do is to take out your phone or camera and immortalize such moments. In this article, we will write about the cities that give you more chance than others to capture spectacular shots. 


1.Cape Town

Cape Town is virtually a paradise for the nature lovers. It is a must that you climb the Table Mountain, which rises just behind the city with its top flat as if cut by a knife, by cable car and photograph the Atlantic Ocean view. 




If you wish to meet the penguins and immortalize them in your shots, then you should definitely visit the Boulder's Beach. The Cape of Good Hope, we have read about in textbooks, is at a distance of a short car travel to the city, but you would better watch out the curious baboons while taking photographs there. Camps Bay would be the best stop for the sunset photographs. 





Giving rise to an illness like the Stendhal Syndrome because of the picturesqueness of the streets and being the city where Renaissance originated, Florence is one of the beautiful cities of not only Italy but also the Europe. While walking around in the old city town, you can be beamed to the medieval age, look at the statues at Plazza del Signoria with admiration, watch the street vendors at Ponte Vecchio or observe the city from the top at Piazzale Michelangelo at the sunset. 


If you still have time after photo shooting at the spectacular streets of the city, do not forget to visit the statue of David at Galleria dell'Accademia. Watching the stylish Italians, walking around as if all of them have stepped out of a fashion catalog, is another amusing activity you can have in Florence. 





3.Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales, the humble port city of the Chilean Patagonia, is a marvelous stop for the photographers thanks to its natural beauties. You can join the ship tours and cruise the fjords and watch the glaciers. But, do not forget to spare a few days for the Torres del Paine National Park that is just close by the city. You can do canoing at the Grey Glacier, observe the And Condors flying in the vicinity of Grande Paine, and if you are lucky, you can even see the pumas, the true owners of the park. You can visit the Paine Towers, after which the park is named, following a long and tiresome walking that totally worth the view. 



Antalya is probably the luckiest city in Türkiye. One cannot have an enough time to browse all around this city where you can definitely find something to do all year around at one's delight. Yet, there are some spots that must be visited and photographed for sure. 




Photography lovers must definitely visit the Kaputas Beach to capture the delightful tones of turquoise. Delikdeniz (Hole-in-the-Sea) King's Bay, located in Alanya, is another splendid natural phenomenon that must be photographed. That hole amidst the rocks opening out to the Mediterranean makes one to virtually feel like inside a pirate film. The historical streets in Kaleici stand out as a favorable spot for a photographing safari Furthermore, the Hadrian's Gate, one of the symbols of the city, must not be missed out while starting for such walk.




The streets, dating back to centuries ago, of Kyoto, the ancient city in Japan, stand out as an ideal locality to make one experience a travel in time. You can photograph the Japanese, walking around in their kimonos on the streets where Samurais used to walk around, and visit the magnificent temples like Kiyomizu-dera, and have a picnic under the pink Japanese cherry trees flowering.  




At the evening hours, you can discover the streets in pursuit of the geishas walking around in Glon neighborhood, and meet a geisha in traditional wear if you are lucky enough. Do not forget to touch tens of tones of green at the Bamboo Forest that is a little bit away from the city. 






Having been established on two continents, Istanbul is an indispensable city for the photography fanciers. You can start your photographing journey with the spectacular buildings of Pera, and take colorful shots on the bohemian streets of Karakoy. Then, you can watch the colorful tiles of the Topkapi Palace at the historical peninsula with admiration. You can find yourself inside the labyrinthine streets of the Grand Bazaar by following Divan Yolu. 



Then, you can take extraordinary photographs by stopping by at the ancient inns through the chaotic streets.  You can end such photographing walk at Sirkeci. If not tired still, you can jump in a steamship going to the Golden Horn, and start to explore the colorful streets of Fener and Balat. 

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