Tarik Akan, a Beloved Turkish Movie Actor

Tarık Akan has marked the Turkish film industry with his handsomeness and masterful acting performance. Tarik Akan successfully portrayed a wide variety of roles and starred in 120 movies throughout his acting career. Honored with the Golden Orange award 7 times, he also starred in social movies during his late career.




Sitting on the throne of the hearts of Turkish audience, the master actor was most beloved for the character Damat Ferit he portrayed. Now, our article continues with the details on the private life of the master actor, whose death plunged his loved ones into deep grief, the movies he starred in and more.




The Life of Tarik Akan

  • Tarik Akan was born in Istanbul on December 13, 1949, and his real name was Tarik Tahsin Uregul. 
  • Tarık Akan was the third child of Yasar Uregul and Huseyin Yasar Uregul, and received his primary school education partly in Erzurum and partly in Kayseri as his father served as an officer.  
  • After his father retired, the actor returned to Istanbul with his family and started living in Bakırkoy. While he was studying at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Yildiz Technical University, he attended school and had part-time jobs at the same. 
  • At the insistence of his friends, he joined and won the Movie Actor Contest held by the magazine Ses in 1970, and then he quitted studying at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and started studying at the School of Journalism. 
  • Before his acting career, the experienced actor also worked as the manager of a wedding venue and at a boat renting place. 
  • With an incredibly successful acting career filled with diverse roles, Tarik Akan managed to portray any role in more than 120 movies.   
  • He did his military service as a reserve officer in Denizli in 1979. Marrying Yasemin Erkut on August 7, 1986, the actor had three children, namely, Baris Zeki Uregul and twins Yasar Ozgur and Ozlem Uregul, from this marriage. 
  • The successful actor died of had lung cancer in Istanbul on September 16, 2016. After the memorial ceremony held at Muhsin Ertugrul Theater on September 18, 2016, and the funeral prayer at Tesvikiye Mosque, he was buried in Bakırkoy. 

The Special Place Tarık Akan Had in the Turkish Film Industry

Tarik Akan acted not only in commercial movies, as the son of a rich factory owner, but also in movies with political and social messages. With his masterful acting performance, he proved that his acting talent was not limited to comedy. 

After the military coup in 1980, he was arrested upon his return to the country because of a speech he gave in Germany in early 1981. The actor was sentenced to solitary confinement for 2.5 months but he was acquitted when it was proven that he was innocent. In his book "Anne Kafamda Bit Var", Tarik Akan wrote about his time in prison.  

In 1991, Akan became a partner of Tas Mektep Primary School in Bakirkoy, and in 1995, he became the President of Nesin Foundation after Aziz Nesin died. 

Successful actor Tarik Akan voiced a two-part documentary called "Antika Talani" and produced the documentary called "Taslarin Sirri". He also had a part in social and instructive projects and proved that he was not only a "handsome man" but he was also well-qualified. 

Movies of Tarik Akan

  • The acting career of the actor began in 1971 in the movie "Solan Bir Yaprak Gibi" directed by Mehmet Dinler, and started using the name "Tarik Akan".
  • Earning the admiration of the audience with his green eyes, tall height and fit body, Tarik Akan appeared in the movie "Emine" directed by Orhan Aksoy in 1971, with Filiz Akin.
  • He gained further notice with the movies "Canim Kardesim" in 1973 and "Hababam Sinifi" in 1974, which was directed by Ertem Egilmez.   
  • Akan appeared in about 12 films a year and managed to sit on the throne of the hearts of the Turkish audience. 
  • The films of the master actor, who mostly used the name "Ferit" in the films he starred in, including "Mavi Boncuk", which he co-starred with Emel Sayin, "Ah Nerede", which he co-starred with Gulsen Bubikoglu, "Sev Kardeşim", which he co-starred with Hulya Kocyigit, and "Gece Kusu Zehra", which he co-starred with Hale Soygazi, are still watched with interest and appreciation even today.      
  • With the film "Suru" made in 1997, Tarik Akan started acting in political films, and in 1978, the film "Maden" brought great success to him and he started to be embraced by a wider fan base.  
  • The death of Tarik Akan, who demonstrated his strong acting performance with the film "Yol" in 1982 and "Karartma Geceleri in 1990, left a void that can never be filled in the Turkish film industry.     

Where is Tarik Akan from?

Where the famous actor Tarik Akan is from is one of the most frequently asked questions about him. The famous actor Tarik Akan was born in Istanbul.




Date of Birth of Tarik Akan

When Tarik Akan was born is another frequently asked question about him. The famous actor was born on December 13, 1949 in Istanbul.  




When Did Tarik Akan Die?

Tarik Akan died on September 16, 2016, in Istanbul. 

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