The Life of Famous Theater and Movie Star Metin Akpinar

Holding a special and privileged place in Turkish film industry thanks to his successful acting performance and sympathetic behaviors, as well as the comedies with social commentary he acted in, Metin Akpinar sits on the throne of our hearts with his unique facial expressions, acting performance and the movies with social commentary he co-starred with Zeki Alasya. Having garnered numerous achievements throughout his acting career that he started at a very young age, this special actor has devoted his life to theater and cinema. 



You can continue reading our article to get to know Metin Akpınar, one of the co-founders of Devekusu Cabaret, the first cabaret theater in Turkey, closer. For another person who holds an important place in Turkey's agenda, you can also take a look at our article The Life and Career of Professor Doctor Celal Sengor




About Metin Akpinar

Metin Akpınar was born on November 2, 1941 in Aksaray, Istanbul, as the only son of a family of 5 children. Metin Akpinar spent his childhood in Aksaray with his mother Nadide and father Mustafa. The famous actor co-founded Devekusu Cabaret theater, the first cabaret theater in Turkey, and has been imprinted in the memory of the Turkish audience with the plays he co-staged with Zeki Alasya under the name "Zeki-Metin Duo". 



Metin Akpinar received his primary and secondary education in 45. Primary School, Gedikpasa Secondary School and Pertevniyal High School. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Language, History and Geography at Ankara University. He also studied at the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University, but he could not complete his education. 




He worked with Erdinc Ustun and Ferdi Merter in Yesil Sahne, where he started to take the stage as an amateur actor in 1957. However, the play was not staged. In 1962-1965, he served as a manager in the National Turkish Students' Union, and acted in various plays. There he met Zeki Alasya, with whom he took the stage for long years. In 1961, he married Goksel Ozdogdu.  




The professional acting career of Metin Akpinar started in 1964 with the play "Gozlerimi Kaparim Vazifemi Yaparim" that was staged at Ulvi Uraz Theatre. He also acted in the plays called "Ben Devletim" and "Hababam Sinifi" at this theater. In 1966, he formed a group and took the stage at Gen-Ar Theater with Zeki Alasya. In 1967, he co-founded Devekusu Cabaret with Zeki Alasya and Ahmet Gulhan. There they staged plays with more social and political overtones, which received high praise from the audience, and they became highly popular. 



The star of the master actor Metin Akpinar started to shine with his role as "Saban" in the play "Vatan Kurtaran Saban", the first play that was staged at Devekusu Cabaret. Serving as the director of the theater until 1992, Akpinar made his breakthrough with the plays he acted with Zeki Alasya in the 80s. The plays they staged at this theater became very popular and the duo started to sit on the throne of the hearts of Turkish audience.



The journey of the master actor Metin Akpinar on the big screen started in 1972 with the movie "Tatli Dillim" that was directed by Ertem Egilmez. After the movie "Mirasyediler" that was shot in 1974, they started to act together as Zeki-Metin duo in comedies. In the early 90s, he appeared in the TV series "Zeki-Metince" together with Zeki Alasya. 




In 1999, Metin Akpinar acted as "Rahim" in the movie "Propaganda" that was directed by Sinan Cetin, and started to act in dramas besides comedies. After this movie, he also made the decision to continue his career alone. In addition to his career as a theater and movie actor, Metin Akpinar also had business investments. In 1992, he co-founded KIPA Supermarket Chain and then Izmir City Hospital, where he served as a member of the board of directors.  In 1991 and 1995, he was proposed for candidacy for parliament membership by DSP, but he did not accept it. 



Metin Akpinar reaped the fruits of his successful acting performance in various theater plays and movies with the awards he has garnered. Having been honored with "Lifetime Honor Award" at Ismail Dumbullu Awards, the "Lifetime Honor Award" at Golden Orange Film Festival in 2010, and the "Honorary Award" at International Istanbul Film Festival in 2011," Metin Akpınar gave lectures on "The History of Cabaret in the Theater" at Halic University and Okan University.




The life of this successful actor was also made into a documentary film. Telling about the life of Metin Akpinar, the documentary film "Iyi ki Yapmisim" was screened at the 39th Istanbul Film Festival. In 2022, the book "Sahneye Adanmis Bir Omur: Metin Akpinar", which also includes photographs from the actor's life, was published.




Throughout his artistic career, the experienced and successful actor Metin Akpinar has been honored with numerous awards including State Artist, Best Movie Actor, Mizaha Emek Verenlere Saygi (Respect for Those Who Make Efforts for Humor), Tiyatroya Destek Yili (Year of Support for the Theater), Altin Kelebek TV Stars, Lifetime Honor, 3rd Ismail Dumbullu Awards, Altin Mikrofon and Altin Kamera Award.  




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