Snow-Covered Adventure- Places to Travel in Winter and Winter Vacation Destinations

As the weather gets colder and winter arrives, winter vacation destinations are brought to agenda. Having joyful time is possible during winter, which becomes more fun with the white snow cover and winter sports activities. 

The serene and cozy feeling given by snow-covered mountain and forest views can easily relieve the tiredness caused by the hustle and bustle of city life. The winter vacation suggestions for a nice break away from the hustle and bustle of city life can help you choose the ideal destination and plan your vacation.


When it comes to winter vacation, winter sports, skiing and all the fun winter activities, the first destination that comes to mind is undoubtedly Uludag. In Uludag, the winter season starts in December and continues until mid-spring.

If you have no experience in skiing, then you can also get skiing lessons in Uludag. Thanks to the ski runs designed for both amateurs and experienced ones, natural beauties, fantastic forests and fun winter activities, Uludag always hits the top of the list of winter vacation destinations. The comfortable hotels, wide accommodation alternatives and rich eating&drinking options make Uludag always be the favorite winter vacation destination.   

Cappadocia- Nevsehir   

Its fairytale-like beauty, thanks to its underground cities, fairy chimneys, colorful balloons and fascinating natural views, makes Cappadocia one of the top vacation destinations to travel in winter. Cappadocia is beautiful in every season and fun even when covered with snow. 

Cappadocia offers nice, romantic and relaxing winter vacation with places like romantic cave hotels, old mansions, vineyards, wineries and Ask Vadisi (Love Valley), and activities like balloon tours and pottery workshops.


As Türkiye is rich in geographical diversity, there are numerous places to travel for vacation in winter. Situated between Kastamonu and Cankiri, Ilgaz may be an ideal option for those who prefer quiet destinations during their winter vacation. Ilgaz, which is also famous for its ski resort, welcomes a great number of visitors from cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.  

Ilgaz National Park, which is also famous for its rich vegetation, stands out as one of the must-visit destinations. Thanks to its canyons, caves and unique geographical formations, Ilgaz promises its visitors an unforgettable winter vacation.   


Palandoken is one of the top winter vacation destinations that stand out with its world-famous ski runs. Palandoken is frequented by ski enthusiasts and is famous for its comfortable facilities. When you travel to Palandoken, you can also taste the delicacies from Erzurum cuisine, while enjoying a relaxing vacation in oxygen-rich open air.   

Abant- Bolu

When it comes to taking winter vacation in Bolu, Abant always comes to mind. You can enjoy the fascinating snow view in Yedigoller National Park, which is also located in Bolu. Abant is a winter vacation destination that stands out with its thousands of shades of green and forests and lakes with fascinating beauty.   

Eastern Express-Kars

If you like traveling by train, then taking a romantic winter vacation accompanied by snow-covered nature may be an interesting alternative. 

The trip starts in Ankara and ends in Kars, taking approximately 25 hours. After riding through Ankara, Kirikkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Karasu, Palandoken, Erzurum, Horasan and Sarikamis, train arrives at Kars.  

Van Lake Express-Van

Van Lake Express is another alternative for train ride vacation during winter. Along the route, you can see the fascinating view of Van Lake and the magnificent Mount Nemrut and Mus Plain. After departing from Ankara, train rides through Kirikkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Malatya, Elazig, Bingol, Mus and Tatvan.  


Sapanca is one of the top winter vacation destinations that promise a unique view with its snow-covered mountains and icy ponds. During your winter vacation in Sapanca, you can take a walk by the ponds and recharge your energy with winter sports. You can also take a break at cafes and restaurants and taste local delicacies.  


Kartepe is one of the most preferred destinations by ski enthusiasts and an important winter tourism destination. Kartepe is the third highest region in Marmara and flooded by ski and snowboard lovers during winter. In addition to skiing, you can do trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, bird watching and paintball to have joyful time in Kartepe, one of the most famous winter vacation destinations. 

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