Simple Home Exercises

We are inactive because of sitting for a long time and not taking a walk as we need to stay at home during these days. However, it is in our power to take actions for our health and keep our body fit. If you wonder “How?”, the best way is regular home exercises.  If you want to start to activate your body, but do not know where to start, you find some of the exercises, which you can easily do at home, in the following article.


Balance is the key in squat which plays an important role especially in tightening the hip muscles. While doing squat, feel like you are sitting in an imaginary chair, and sit down and stand up slowly.  Also make sure that your knees are behind the toes and you keep the weight on your heels. The important part is that your hip is parallel to the floor and at a slightly lower position. You can repeat the movement according to your pace, and cross your arms at the front.



To start plank, which aims to workout your arms, back and hip muscles at the same time, first you need to lie on the floor with your face down. In plank exercise, which does not require any movement, your hands should be parallel to the floor while standing on your elbows. Meanwhile, rest your weight on your arms and toes. Wait for a while in this position and don't forget to keep your back straight throughout the exercise. In this way, exercise will help your posture.



Mountain Climber

The main difference of the mountain climber exercise, which starts in the plank position, is that you keep your elbows straight, not bent. Pull your right knee and then left knee up and in toward your midsection with a steady pace. Whichever knee you started to pull, keep the other knee and toes firmly on the ground. Then, pull the other leg up and in towards your midsection, and continue to exercise as if jogging on the ground, keeping the steady pace. You can choose a period of time for the mountain climber exercise according to your pace.



Most of us are familiar with push-up exercise, and it is very important to do it properly. First of all, lie on the floor and push your body up with the support of your arms. You should keep your back, hips, and legs in a straight line during push-up. Then, bend your elbows slowly without lowering your body. Do the push-up exercise according to your pace, and strengthen your arm and ab muscles by this exercise.




For crunch, another exercise that we are familiar with, firstly lie on the floor with your back firmly on the floor to ensure there is no gaps. While starting the exercise, place your hands by your ears and take your elbows out wide. In order to avoid any injury, raise up in such manner that you keep your neck in line with your body without craning your neck too far front. You can repeat the sit-up exercise, which plays an active role in working the ab muscles, as many times as you wish.



For lunge exercise, firstly, step forward with left foot. Meanwhile, keep the other foot firmly on the ground. Then, bend the knee behind, and lower it to the floor. You need to be careful about bending not the knee in the forward position, but the one behind after stepping forward. It is also important to keep your body as straight as possible and not to bend your body forward during the lunge exercise.

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