Recipe of Pumpkin Dessert, a Must-Have for Winter

With its soft texture, appetite-stimulating color and the way it is presented, pumpkin dessert is definitely among the most popular desserts. Although it is known as a practical dessert, which does not require many ingredients, there are some tips to consider while making pumpkin dessert. With these tips and points, soft pumpkin dessert with perfect consistency that is as delicious as Turkish delight will be possible. 

Although the recipes available for pumpkin dessert are usually almost similar, you can make a pumpkin dessert that is appetizing not only with its taste but also with its appearance by adding your own touch. The rest of our article includes the most practical way to make a pumpkin dessert. 

What is Pumpkin Dessert?

It is mostly made with Helvacı (Cucurbita maxima) and Kestane pumpkin, and topped with tahini, clotted cream, crushed hazelnuts or walnuts, and is an ideal alternative for those who love fruity desserts. Standing out as a savory dessert that is low-calorie and relatively light compared to dough-based desserts, pumpkin dessert is ready to be served right after being cooked with sugar. 

Pumpkin dessert, which becomes extremely delicious with perfect consistency, holds an important place in Turkish culinary culture as it is a traditional dessert. Pumpkin dessert, a well-known and much loved Turkish delicacy, is mostly made and preferred in Aydin and Sakarya. 

Ingredients of Pumpkin Dessert

It is important to follow the tips and points to make a soft pumpkin desert that melts in mouth. You can easily make a savory pumpkin dessert if you have all the ingredients of pumpkin dessert ready and follow the recipe fully. 

Ingredients of pumpkin dessert: 

• 1 pumpkin

• 3 drinking cups of granulated sugar

• Tahini or clotted cream and coarsely chopped walnuts for garnishing the top 

Instructions to make Pumpkin Dessert

There are two main ingredients of the pumpkin dessert recipe: pumpkin and granulated sugar. The final touch to make it more delicious and visually appealing is made by tahini, clotted cream and coarsely chopped walnuts or hazelnuts used during the presentation. 

One of the most important tips for pumpkin dessert involves the preparation step. Let the pumpkin rest with granulated sugar overnight before cooking to make sure that the pumpkin becomes softer and fully absorbs the sugar. 

Let's take a look at how to make pumpkin dessert. 

•Firstly, slice, peel and chop the pumpkin as you wish.

•Take the pumpkins in a deep pot and pour granulated sugar over them. Let them rest overnight.

•Put the pot on the stove and cook it over low heat until it boils down.

•After the pumpkins are cooked, take them on a serving plate and garnish the top with tahini or clotted cream as you wish.

•Finally, sprinkle the coarsely chopped walnuts or hazelnuts over the pumpkins.

If you do not prefer tahini or clotted cream, then you can also serve your pumpkin dessert plain. However, note that ingredients such as tahini, clotted cream, walnuts and hazelnuts are a perfect complementary to the pumpkin dessert and make it even more delicious.

Consistency of the pumpkin is another important thing to consider when making pumpkin dessert. Pumpkin should neither be overcooked and get pure-like consistency nor should it be solid. Pumpkins should stay firm and retain their shape after cooking and should be easily broken apart and eaten with a fork and melt in your mouth. 

How to Serve Pumpkin Dessert

To maximize the savoriness of the pumpkin dessert, you can bake it for 15-20 minutes after cooking it with sugar in order to make the top of them look like they are fried and get a softer consistency. Although it is also preferred plain, the ideal way to serve pumpkin dessert is to top it with tahini or clotted cream. You can prefer one of these two ingredients to flavor the pumpkin dessert according to your taste. 

Crushed walnuts or hazelnuts also complement the pumpkin dessert. Soft pumpkin dessert served with plenty of walnuts or hazelnuts will be an incredibly elegant and savory treat for your guests. You may find our article “Tips To Make Fluffy Rice Pilaf” on our blog interesting, if you have rice pilaf before pumpkin dessert on your menu. 


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