Pesto Sauce and Tomato Sauce to Flavor the Dishes You Cook

Together with LifeCo, we have prepared pesto sauce and tomato sauce recipes, which you can easily make at home, especially for those who want to flavor the dishes they cook. You can try these two delicious sauce recipes, which you can enjoy using when you are cooking, in your own kitchen and share it with your loved ones. If you wish, you can take a look at our article ‘Practical Lavash Pizza Recipe”, which you can make using tomato sauce.

Ingredients for Pesto Sauce;

*100 g basil

*100 g mixed nuts (almond, cashew, pine nut, walnut)

*Salt-black pepper

*2-3 tbsp. of nutritional yeast

*¼ cup of olive oil


• Crush the nuts until crumbly, and then add all the ingredients, except olive oil and basil, into a bowl.

• Add basil into the mixture, and blend well until smooth.

• Finally, add the olive oil into the mixture and tap the bowl gently.

• Transfer it into a suitable airtight jar, and store in the refrigerator.

Ingredients for Tomato Sauce;

*600 g tomatoes

*100 g sun-dried tomatoes

*7g dried grapes



Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add more fresh or dried tomatoes as needed.

In addition to Tomato Sauce:

*1 kg dry almonds


• Take the almonds in the food processor, and process for 20-25 minutes.

• Use spatula to nudge it down the sides during the process.

• Let it sit until it reaches the consistency of butter, and then transfer it to a glass jar together with the sauce, and store in the refrigerator.

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