Practical Lavash Pizza Recipe

Everyone may sometimes be lazy to cook and satisfy their hunger with simple recipes. Both delicious and practical recipes that are easy to cook can be a real savior in such moments.

Would you like to turn the lavash, which we love to buy from the bakeries or which are already available in most of the kitchens as they are sent as a treat by the restaurants with the food we order, into a delicious pizza in just ten minutes? If your answer is yes, you can easily try in your own kitchen the following practical lavash pizza recipe we have prepared.


*3 tbsp of olive oil

*5 tbsp of tomato sauce

*3 garlic cloves


*Black pepper


*String cheese

*Capia pepper

*Green pepper


Here is the practical lavash pizza recipe

Firstly, pour the olive oil into the pan. When the olive oil starts to heat up, add the tomato sauce. You can mix tomato paste with tomato puree to obtain this sauce. Add the grated garlic while the tomato sauce is slowly cooking. Then add some salt and pepper on the sauce. If you wish, you can add thyme or basil into the sauce. When the sauce is ready, turn down the stove. Pour and spread half of this sauce on the lavash with a spoon. Then put plenty of string cheese on the lavash. Spread the sliced capia pepper and green pepper on the lavash. Then add the finely chopped sujuk on the lavash. Pour over the remaining sauce on the lavash. Finally, place your lavash pizza in the middle section of preheated oven at 200 C degree. Your practical lavash pizza will be ready after about ten minutes. Bon Appetit!

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