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Together with LifeCo, we have prepared a light but filling Greek salad with almond recipe, easy to make at home.  You can try to make this delicious salad with almond recipe, which will add flavor to your table, in your own kitchen and share it with your loved ones. You can also take a look at our article “A Healthy and Delicious Salmon Salad Recipe”, prepared by the Chef of Barut Hotels, if you would like to learn a different salad recipe.

Ingredients for Greek Salad with Almond;

*Almond Cheese

*600g almond (soaked)

*Water for thick consistency

*½ tsp of salt

*½ cup of lemon juice

*¼ drinking cup of dried herbs (parsley, thyme etc.) (optional)

*2 tsp of hot spices

For the salad dressing;

• 1 drinking cup of lemon juice

• ½ cup of honey

• 1 tsp of salt

• ½ tsp of black pepper

• Olive oil according to personal taste

For the salad;

*30 g Finely chopped red onion

*70 g Cucumber cut into half-moon shape

*70 g chopped fresh tomato

*30 g black/green olive

*30 g sweet&sour sauce

*70 g herb feta cheese


Feta cheese with almond:

• After soaking the almonds, drain the dirty water and peel the almonds. Rinse them slightly.

• Put all the ingredients, except the dried herbs/spices, in the food processor and mix by adding the required amount of water.

• Then spread the mixture on a square dehydrator sheet with a thickness of 2 cm and cut into small squares.

• After covering it thoroughly with spices and herbs, put it in the freezer and keep until firm.

• Thaw the required amount of white cubes before each use.


• Mix it thoroughly with a blender, food processor or whisk.

• It must taste sweet&sour and must not be too oily.


• Mix the salad ingredients (except the feta cheese) and dressing in a bowl.

• Take it to a plate and put feta cheese.

Enjoy it!

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