A Healthy and Delicious Salmon Salad Recipe

Together with Bilal Gungor, the Chef of Barut Hotels, we have prepared a salmon salad recipe, which is easy to make at home, for those who want a healthy diet. You can also try this delicious and healthy salad recipe in your own kitchen and share it with your loved ones.

Ingredients for Salmon Salad;

*1 cup of boiled buckwheat (also known as  grechka)

*1 cup of black Quinoa

*1 cup of white Quinoa

*½ mesclun lettuce leaves

*1/2 bunch of parsley

*1/2 bunch of dill

*3 mid-size tomatoes

*4 pickled gherkins, chopped

*180 g salmon fillet

*1 tsp of red pepper flakes

*1/2 tsp of black pepper

*1 tsp of salt

For the salad dressing:

*3 tbsp of olive oil

*1 lemon

*50 g mayonnaise

*100 g mustard

*20 g honey

*20 g pickle juice

Here is the recipe of salmon salad

Wash thoroughly the dill, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, parsley and mesclun leaves. Then, finely chop all the greens. Take the black and white Quinoa and buckwheat, which you have already boiled, in a salad bowl. Add finely chopped greens and grilled salmon fillet. Put all the ingredients you prepare for the dressing in a saucepan, mix for one minute and then pour over the salad. Finally, mix the salad dressing with olive oil, and pour it over. Enjoy!

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