Favorite Street Foods from 5 Different Countries

Countries are distinguished not only by their architectural features and historical and natural beauties but also by their food cultures and street foods. The most savory foods of the world are sometimes sold at mobile stalls or counters. It is also true that many luxury restaurants may not be able to offer the pleasure we get from this kind of fast food. 




The reason why street foods, which are also very common and popular in our country, are so appealing is not only their savoriness but also the ease of satisfying the hunger in a practical manner on the go, after waiting in the long queue. When it comes to Turkish street foods, kokorec, meatball sandwich, fish sandwich, fried mussels, stuffed mussels, hot dog, toast and a wide variety of desserts are the first ones that come to mind. Tasting local street foods of the country being visited is something that almost everyone does and enjoys, and it is what makes the trip special and fun.  



Undoubtedly, many countries have multiple delicacies unique to their cuisine. As we cannot list them all here, we've listed the most popular and appetizing street foods. In addition to local delicacies of the countries, if you wonder where most of your favorite movies were shot, then you can also take a look at our article The Cities In Which The Movies Are Set?.
Here are the favorite street foods from 5 different countries…




1. Italy


Although pizza and pasta come to mind first when it comes to Italy, deep fried balls of rice filled with cheese, which is called Arancini, are one of the most consumed delicacies in the country. Being cooked both in the restaurants and at home, Arancini is a practical and savory snack that is worthy of trying. 



Pesce Fritto Al Cono

Served on cone, Pesce Fritto Al Cono, one of the delicacies eaten on the go, is both a satisfying and a savory option for those who like seafood. This must-try delicacy is made by coating fresh fish and a variety of seafood, bought from fishing boats arriving at the port early in the morning, in flour and deep frying them.





Panelle is a very simple yet flavoursome delicacy with few ingredients, and it is made with thinly rolled and deep-fried dough from corn flour. Keep this practical food, which is considered as a food for poor or a food for villagers in Italy, in your mind as an extremely popular and frequently consumed option.




2. Mexico


It goes without saying that Mexican cuisine is so rich and colorful. Tostada is one of the famous dishes in Mexican cuisine, which is made up of numerous creative hot and spicy recipes. Tostada is one of the most popular street foods made from tortillas with meat and vegetables. Containing chicken, jalapeno, ground beef, chicken, lettuce and avocado, Tostada can be listed as a satisfying and extremely delicious street food.




Taco, one of the traditional delicacies that come to mind first when it comes to Mexican cuisine, stands out as the snack that is most found on the streets of Mexico. Taco, which is made primarily with tortilla, meat, cheese and various vegetables, comes first as a must-try delicacy in Mexico.




3. Japan


Japan stands out not only with its unique culture and lifestyle but also with its unique cuisine. Takoyaki is a food from Osaka, Japan, and it is made of dough balls that are crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and sticky on the inside. It is is usually served with skewers. Dough balls made of wheat flour are filled with finely chopped octopus, green onions and pickled ginger and then cooked. It is served with mayonnaise and bonito powder.




Tempura is one of the most famous and preferred dishes in Japanese cuisine, and it appeals to taste buds of those who like seafood. During a trip to Japan, tempura is a must-try food that consists of fillet, shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables and flour that are battered and deep-fried. 




4. Hungary 


Langos, a fast-food that you can find in every corner of Hungary, especially in Budapest, consists of a large piece of deep-fried flatbread topped with a variety of cheese or cream. This deep-fried flatbread, which is similar to "Pisi" in Turkey, can be made with sausage, onions and many other ingredients you can think of. You can eat Langos, an extremely satisfying food, as a meal on its own.



Kurtos Kalacs

Kurtos Kalacs is an extremely delicious street food that is famous for its spiral shape resembling a spool. You can see almost every tourist visiting the country eating this dessert, which is served with filling materials such as chocolate sauce, ice cream and cream and sprinkled with plenty of cinnamon. The taste of Kurtos Kalacs, also known as chimney cake and enjoyed by even those who do not like dessert, will linger in your palate and in your mind after your trip to Hungary. 



5. Czech Republic 

Potato Chips

Potato chips, a familiar and well-known delicacy as the name suggests, is one of the most consumed snacks, particularly on the streets of Prague. You can walk around the streets of Prague while eating this delicacy, which is made by deep-frying peeled off and spiral-cut potato on wooden skewers and which also appeals to the eye.  




Trdelnik dessert is one of the delicacies that you will find the most on the streets of Prague while exploring the city. The original Trdeldik, a food with cinnamon that is made of dough which is wrapped around a cylinder and cooked by rotating it in horizontal machines, is actually eaten plain. But, recently, it is also served by filling it with ice cream, Nutella and cream. You must also try this extremely savory dessert.


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