Favorite Ski Resorts in Turkey

Skiing, one of the most popular activities in the winter, is also an adrenaline-inducing sport. With numerous deep-blue bays to swim in the summer, our country also makes it possible to enjoy the snow to the full with the resorts for skiing in the winter.





Here we list the popular ski resorts standing out with their ski runs in Turkey. You can enjoy the unique beauty of winter at the ski resorts standing out with their well-equipped facilities covered with peaceful white snow.





Uludag /BURSA

Located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the city center of Bursa, Uludag Ski Resort is the first ski resort and also the ski resort with the largest capacity in our country. Welcoming numerous local and foreign guests for a ski vacation in the season that runs from December until March, Uludag offers its guests superior service with more than 30 accommodation facilities and proves that it is the leading ski resort by ensuring the same skiing comfort as in the Nordic countries and the Alps. Activities such as helicopter skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowmobiling are also available on more than 30 ski runs in Uludag.


Erciyes / KAYSERI   

Located in the Central Anatolia Region, Erciyes ski center is 25 kilometers away from the city center of Kayseri. There are 34 ski runs in the area that are accessible by special chairlifts.

Activities such as snowboarding, snow volleyball and snow pool are available at Erciyes Ski Resort during the ski season that runs from December until early April.



Palandoken / ERZURUM

With the longest and steepest ski runs not just in our country but also in the world, Palandoken Ski Resort offers service to the ski lovers from December until late April. Activities such as snowboarding and sledding as well as conventional skiing are available at Palandoken Ski Resort, which comes to mind when it comes to professional ski resort and welcomes numerous local and foreign tourists every year. You can enjoy winter and snow by accommodating in fully-equipped facilities in Palandoken, one of the best ski resorts where you can experience night skiing thanks to its special lighting system.


Kartalkaya / BOLU

The season runs from December until late March at Kartalkaya Ski Resort, which is 40 kilometers away from the city center of Bolu.

With wide slopes where you can enjoy skiing, Kartalkaya also hosts Snowpark designed for snowboard enthusiasts. With 25 ski runs, Kartalkaya can serve 10 thousand people per hour for various activities.



Sarikamis / KARS

Located in the easternmost part of our country, Sarikamis Ski Resort is in the province of Kars and offers service from December until late March. Sarikamis Ski Resort welcomes numerous ski enthusiasts with its 25-km long ski run consisting of 5 levels.

With a special type of snow called Crystal Snow, this area has a relaxing and soothing ambiance embracing nature. 


Saklikent / ANTALYA

There is a special area for skiing in Antalya, which is famous for its sea and sun in the warm Mediterranean Region: Saklikent. When it comes to listing popular ski resorts, Saklikent should not be forgotten as Saklikent, which is 35 kilometers away from the city center of Antalya, hosts 4 ski runs.

In addition, you can enjoy hot wine by the fireplace in the accommodation facility located in the area, where activities such as sledding run, teleski, chairlift and babylift are also available. 


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