Ski In Antalya: Saklikent Ski Center

Snow is one of the most beautiful parts of winter. The nature covered in white, the silence and peaceful ambiance created by snow and the ski pleasure. Ski is one of the reasons we long for the winter. One of the destinations that come to mind first when it comes to skiing in our country, Saklikent ski center is a complex consisting of mountain huts and facilities built on the slope of Bakirlidagi located in Beydaglari region of Taurus Mountains.  You can find the answers to questions about what kind of a place Saklıkent is and what kind of activities can be done in our article…

About Antalya Saklikent Ski Center

A destination which is visited at least for once by those who like winter sports, especially skiing, is yet a mystery for those who have never been here. The people especially wonder about what kind of a place Antalya Saklikent is or what to do there or if there are any hotels in Antalya Saklikent or not. Saklikent, one of the closest ski centers to Ecuador, offers the opportunity to ski for nearly 120 days from December 10 to April 10. At the end of February and the beginning of March, the slogan of "skiing in the morning, swimming in the sea in the afternoon" stands out. The harmonious and moderate climate of the Mediterranean Region allows you to enjoy swimming in Antalya beaches after skiing in the snow-covered Saklikent in the morning. The average snow depth is 100-200 cm and the snow depth at summit is 4 meters in this hidden beauty of Antalya region, which offers 4 seasons together. You can enjoy the fresh air, vast mountain view, appetizing dishes and peace in Saklikent, which is located at a distance of 1 hour from Antalya.

There are 477 separate huts for accommodation in Saklikent. There are also hostels and hotels. Bars, discos and animation venues are also at the service of visitors.

What To Do In Antalya Saklikent

Saklıkent is mostly preferred by those who come for skiing. However, you can also come for resting for one-day. You can drink hot wine accompanied by conversations with your loved ones by the fireplace of the facility you accommodate, and spend romantic time in a rustic environment decorated with wooden materials. You can go on a vacation retreat to escape from the loud noise and chaos of the city. If you do not ski, you can relax by watching the snow view from the hotel room and sipping your coffee.

However, there are four ski-runs for those who come to Saklıkent especially for skiing. These ski-runs serve for professional, intermediate and amateur skiers.

Red Ski-Run is for professional skiers, and the transportation is by the chairlift from Karakaya. The length of the ski-run is 4 thousand meters on average. The ski-run starts from the summit of the mountain and consists of sharp bends and steep slopes.

Black Ski-Run starts from the part called intermediate station, which is half of the distance to summit, and the transportation is by the chairlift from Karakaya. The ski-run is 1500 meters long and connects to Red ski-run at the upper side. The black ski-run is located on a steep slope. However, there is no sharp bend as in Red ski-run.

Blue Ski-Run is for amateur skiers, and 1500 meters long. It has a mild slope and can be regarded as a training section before the professional ski-run.

Yellow Ski-Run is 300 meters long and for training, and the transportation is by baby-lift accompanied by professional ski and snowboard coaches.

Sledding Pistes are for visitors who want to sled, and only the sleds rented from the facility can be used.

Beside skiing, you can also take a walk in the nature covered in white in Saklıkent and enjoy the vast calmness and the sense of eternity at the summit or the music and entertainment activities offered by the facilities at night.

Location of Antalya Saklikent Ski Center

Those who want to go to Antalya Saklikent mostly want to know the distance to Antalya Saklikent.

Saklikent Ski Center is located at a distance of 45 kilometers from the city center of Antalya. Antalya Saklikent is also an easy-to-access destination. When you get to Uncali direction, the direction signs will help you to access easily.


How To Get To Antalya Saklikent Ski Center

To get to Saklikent with a height of 2550 meters, you can take the buses departing in front of the amusement park located opposite of Migros Shopping Mall in Antalya. It takes approximately 1 hour to get to Saklikent from the city center. If you will get to Saklikent directly from the airport, then you can easily find a vehicle. You can also rent a car to get to the region. To get to the ski center, go straight in Cakirlar/Doyran direction from Uncalı direction, and follow the signs for Saklikent.

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