Destinations for Extreme Winter Sports in Türkiye

Extreme sports are the activities that boost adrenaline levels and change the way we perceive the world. Speeding up the blood flow and helping break the monotony of daily life by offering an adventurous experience for those who want to pursue their passion, extreme sports can be considered the best sport choice for free spirits.    

If you are thinking of engaging in extreme sports, which require physical strength and a sharp focus, and are not only adventurous but also risky and dangerous, in the winter, our article includes some tips to guide you. 

What is an Extreme Sport?

Differing from other sports due to their inherent risks and challenges, extreme sports can also be described as adventure sports. These activities, performed with special equipment and accessories, demand a solid physical condition and excellent focus.     

Speed, strength and focus are the key considerations in extreme sports. Although extreme sports are typically performed by professionals due to risks they involve, they can also be performed by amateurs when accompanied by an experienced professional. Our article continues with a number of extreme sports you can perform in winter.


When it comes to extreme sports, snowboarding is one of the sports that come to mind first. Performed with a specially designed board for sliding on snow, it stands out as one of the most popular extreme sports, demanding a combination of balance and focus. If you’re wondering where you can enjoy snowboarding, the answer is anywhere with snow.

Ski resorts, including Uludag, Kartalkaya, Kartepe, Erciyes, Sarikamis and Palandöken, are among the places where you can enjoy the thrill of snowboarding.


 Snowblading can be described as an extreme sport akin to rollerblading on   snow, and it’s like skating on the snow. Although it is relatively easy to learn how to snowblade with a brief training session, performing it demands   excellent balance. It can be performed on any ski runs in Türkiye. 

 All you need to do is choose a destination, ensure you have the necessary   equipment ready, undergo a brief training session with a professional,   and then you’re ready to enjoy this action-filled sport.   


Snowkiting, a form of kiteboarding performed on rich-blue waters in summer and on pristine white snow in winter, is an extremely fun extreme sport filled with adrenaline. In snowkiting, you are secured to the kite with a rope around your waist, and glide down mountains covered with pristine white snow.

When considering where to snowkite in Türkiye, we can list the most suitable destinations for this sport as Uludag, Kartalkaya, Sarikamis, Erciyes, and Davraz.

 Ice Climbing

 Ice climbing is one of the most challenging professional sports that can be   performed in winter in Türkiye. To summarize, this sport, which allows you to experience the peak of adrenaline, is akin to climbing a frozen   waterfall using mountaineering equipment.

 For those wondering where to do ice climbing, we can suggest Uzundere Waterfall in Erzurum, the waterfalls in Tortum, and the waterfalls in   Kackarlar. 


Snocross is one of the extreme sports that can be performed in Türkiye. This sport is named after the snowmobile used to perform it. Performed in areas with ample turns and jumps, snocross is the ideal extreme sport for thrill-seekers and action lovers.   

There are various destinations to engage in snocross in Türkiye. We can say that snocross, which can be performed on any ski run or at any ski resort, provides a unique experience for adrenaline-seekers and for those who crave thrilling activities. If you are an extreme sport addict and want to learn about the extreme sports that can be enjoyed during the summer, then check out our article “Extreme Sports That Can Be Done in Türkiye in the Summer ” on our blog.

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