Country-Specific Traffic Rules for Those Who Are Going to Rent a Car Abroad

If you are planning to visit a foreign country, making a research about the geography, culture, gastronomy and similar related aspects of that country would be undoubtedly the first thing you would do. It is both exciting and practical to check the most famous places, historical sites, restaurants, buildings and must-visit places beforehand.




If you want to rent a car as a mean of transportation in the country you are going to visit, then you must have a good grasp of the traffic rules of that country. Although traffic rules are mostly universal, there may be country-specific rules. It is not enough to know the traffic signs. To avoid traffic accidents and traffic fines, you need to know country-specific rules that should be taken into account. Let's take a look at the traffic rules you need to follow to avoid any problems in traffic in the foreign countries you are going to visit.




Japan, a country that is unique in almost all aspects, is also unique in traffic rules. The Japanese people reflect their meticulousness and disciplined approach on the traffic rules as well. One of the major rules is that splashing pedestrians in rainy weather is forbidden. It is a violation of traffic rules. 




United States of America

As you know, the United States of America consists of states, and each state has specific rules. This means that different rules apply in each state within the same country. If you are going to rent a car during your visit in the USA, then learning the state of the city you are going to visit and checking the traffic rules of that state beforehand would make it much easier.    



For example, using horn is prohibited in accordance with the traffic rules In the State of Mississippi. If you accidentally use the horn, you are likely to get a traffic ticket. There is a penalty for driving too slowly in California. If you are going to rent a car in Hawaii, then keep in mind that everyone in the vehicle must wear a seat belt.





Germany, a large but an extremely systematic and disciplined country, is famous for its wide highways. Stopping in these highways, except for emergency situations, is prohibited. So, we should better remind you that refueling should take place before taking to the road.





In Thailand, a country that is famous for its unique cultural and social life, exceptionally interesting traffic rules apply. One of them is that the driver must wear a t-shirt or a shirt. So, if you are going to travel Thailand by a rental car, then you have to keep in mind that driving topless is illegal. You have to wear a t-shirt or a shirt. If you do not, you will pay a traffic fine.




Philippines, a Southeast Asian country that is flooded by tourists, has heavy traffic. Philippine government has introduced a solution to fight with the traffic problem caused by the chaos due to its ever-increasing population. Accordingly, vehicles with license plates ending in 1 or 2 are prohibited on Mondays, while those in 3 or 4 are prohibited on Tuesdays and those in 5 or 6 on Wednesdays.  This system applies 7 days a week. Although emergency cases such as illness are excluded, this rule applies at all times. 


Republic of South Africa

Traffic rules are extremely interesting also in the Republic of South Africa, which is an exceptionally interesting country for its climate, vegetation and natural beauties. Animals and shepherds have the right of way in traffic. If you do not slow down and turn on your warning lights 150 meters before approaching a herd or a shepherd, then you may incur a fine.     



Serbia, one of the visa-free countries for Turkish citizens, also has strict traffic rules. There must be first-aid kits, reflective vests, reflectors and a three-meter rope in the vehicles. Although, this traffic rule actually applies in most of the countries, Serbia is extremely strict about it.   





Spain, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries, is strict about eye disorders of drivers. There is a traffic rule that applies in this respect in this country. Drivers, who wear glasses or contact lenses, must have additional contact lenses or glasses in their cars for a possible accident.





If you are going to rent a car in France, you should keep in mind that you have to carry a breathalyzer in the car. A breathalyzer is a device that measures the content of alcohol in driver's breath. In France, it can be a mobile digital device or a disposable breathalyzer. Speaking of traveling, you can also take a look at our article List of Must-Visit Places in Koycegiz - One of The Peaceful Districts of Mugla


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