List of Must-Visit Places in Koycegiz - One of The Peaceful Districts of Mugla

In our country, many of the cities have unique characteristics making them famous. Every city stands out with its unique characteristics; some are well-known for a famous dish, while some are well-known for their handicrafts, architecture or vegetation. Located in the southwest of Turkey, Mugla has made a name for itself for its beautiful districts with tourist appeal. When it comes to Mugla, rich-blue sea, heavenly bays and a lush nature come to mind. Mugla, almost every district of which has fascinating beauty, welcomes numerous local and foreign tourists every season. We would like to give you a glimpse into Koycegiz, one of those districts.



In this article, which is a very helpful guide for those who are preparing to make a vacation plan, we have listed the places you can visit in Koycegiz. You can enjoy a peaceful vacation to the fullest in this precious district which is located at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Regions. Let's take a look at what is waiting for you in Koycegiz, a quiet district with fascinating beauty. Speaking of traveling, you can also take a look at our article Points to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Destination



5 Must-Visit Places in Koycegiz 

Although the center of Koycegiz, which is located between Marmaris and Fethiye, has no coastline, there are numerous beaches close by. These beaches, which include Ekincik Public Beach, Delta Beach, Iztuzu Beach and Kargicak Bay, are only 35-40 kilometers away from the center. On these beaches, you can enjoy taking a swim in the crystal-clear sea with fascinating beauty. There are not only beaches to enjoy taking a swim in the sea but also different places to visit. Let's take a look at each of them:



1. Koycegiz Lake

This freshwater lake, located in the center of Koycegiz, looks unique with the cafés, restaurants and walking trails along it. Koycegiz Lake is famous not only for the mouth-pleasing freshwater fish, but also for being easily accessible. You can take a swim in Koycegiz Lake, which has a good water temperature for swimming, and enjoy the excellent view surrounding the lake. 



2. Dalyan

Dalyan, which has become an iconic destination with the way it looks, was declared a special protected area. One of its branches is fed from Koycegiz Lake, while the other is fed from the Mediterranean. Dalyan is famous for being a breeding ground for Caretta Caretta and Nile turtles. You can get to Dalyan, which is home to a charming nature, by boats departing from Koycegiz.



3. Ancient City of Kaunos 

Some of the oldest archaeological sites with fascinating beauty in our country, which has a geography rich in archaeological remains, are located in this region. In the Ancient City of Kaunos, one of the ancient cities in Caria civilization, you can see the magnificent rock tombs and many other historical remains, and take a journey to explore ancient mysteries. 



4. Sultaniye Thermal Springs 

Located along Koycegiz Lake, Sultaniye Thermal Springs is an ancient destination dating back to almost 5 thousand years ago. Sultaniye Thermal Springs, the second largest radioactive thermal spring in the world, is also famous for its healing mud baths.  With two sulfuric pools with a temperature of 39 degrees, Sultaniye Thermal Springs is at its very best during quiet morning hours.



5. Ekincik Bay

Standing out with its crystal-clear sea and beach, Ekincik Bay is also known to be frequented by the boats that are moored in Marmaris and Gocek. The beautiful view and lush vegetation promise wonderful time here. 





What to Eat In Koycegiz? 

Located at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean regions, Koycegiz is known to have a wide variety of delicacies inspired by the cuisines of these two regions. Although you can taste local delicacies such as gray mullet cooked on brick, morel mushroom, stuffed duck, chicken cooked inside tin and snow with molasses, you can also find almost any dish appealing to your palate in the restaurants close by.  



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