A Delicious Orange Cheesecake Recipe

Together with LifeCo, we prepared a delicious orange cheesecake recipe for dessert lovers, which can be easily made at home. You can try this delicious cheesecake recipe in your own kitchen and share it with your loved ones. If you wish, you can take a look at our article ‘‘Recipe of Oat Balls with Date and walnut”, which includes another delicious recipe.

Ingredients for Orange Cheesecake;

For the base:

200 g whole grains (soaked/dried buckwheat or almonds)

16 g cacao powder

160 g dates

1 g salt

For cream:

340 g cashew nut (soaked for 1 hour)

Grated orange peels from 3 oranges

160 g fresh orange juice

70 g coconut sugar

50 g carrot juice

1 g turmeric

Grated lemon peels from one lemon

50 g dried coconut

100 g coconut oil

7 drops of essential orange oil of food grade (optional)

30 g finely grinded psyllium husk (optional)

Here is the orange cheesecake recipe:


• Add buckwheat in a food processor and pulse it slowly.  Then, add other ingredients and mix them until a lumpy consistency is obtained.


•Add all the ingredients included in the list, except coconut oil, in a high-speed food processor.

• Mix until smooth.

• Add coconut oil and orange oil and continue mixing.

• As an alternative, take the ingredients into a bowl and use a whisk to obtain a good cream.

• Finally, add a small amount of psyllium powder and continue mixing to avoid lumping.

• You will see that the mixture thickens a bit.

• Now, put it in the freezer to set.

• After it is frozen, cut the cake into equal pieces. (about 16)

• Put it back into the freezer and keep it there until it is ready.


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