10 Inspiring Female Travelers of Turkey

1.Yagmur Arat

One of the most well-known and widely acclaimed female travelers, Yagmur Arat has traveled to many countries on her own. Graduated from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2014, Yagmur Arat regards her interrail trip, which she planned for the purpose of celebrating her graduation, as the milestone of her travel life. Then she started the world tour from Japan and traveled around the country by hitchhiking, setting an example for many women and encouraging them in this respect. /



 2.Elvin Levinler

 Preferred quitting acting to become a traveler, Elvin Levinler has traveled to 32   countries and 90 cities so far. Acted in the television series before, Elvin   Levinler has discovered 4 continents and dozens of countries with her husband   Bulent Haciomeroglu. Elvin Levinler shares the photographs of the cities that   she visits on her Instagram. /





 The long-standing friendship of two close friends, Oyku Dogan and Idil Atay,   turned into a travel fellowship. Traveled to more than 20 countries together, Oyku Dogan and Idil Atay tell about what they see in a fun and detailed manner in their own blogs, and answer the questions about the destinations in people's minds. /




4. Sevil Mert

As a white-collar worker setting example for those who are lost in today's business world and do not know what kind of a trip to plan in an annual leave of 2-3 weeks, Sevil Mert tells on her blog about how to travel more at a lower cost while still working. /





5. Hale Sargin

Hale Sargin is one of those who cannot stop the love she feels inside for traveling. Hale Sargin resigned from her job and traveled to South America on her own; she travels by bike. In addition, you can support her to travel. /





6. Burcu Canbulat

Burcu Canbulat is one of those white-collar travelers, who resigned from her job and chose freedom. In the middle of her travel to Central America, where she was on her own, she met her husband in Mexico, and they traveled together. Burcu Canbulat shares small tips by instant posts on social media under the name Gezi Tozu. /




7.Gulcin Sogut

Gulcin Sogut is one of the women who restlessly travel most. She takes the list of must-see places in the world, and chooses the next travel destination. /






8.Deniz Dagasan

At the age of 65, Deniz Dagasan has traveled to more than 65 countries so far. One day she is in South America or Argentina, while another day she is in Chile. She is one of the exemplary women, and proves that there is no age to travel. /





9.Tulay Demircioglu

Encouraging all of us as a woman who traveled on her own for 275 days, Tulay Demircioglu skydived in New Zealand, climbed Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, participated in rice collecting ceremonies in Laos and lived in the rice fields with the local people in Vietnam. /@bidunyayol





10.Tugce Makarnaci

Tugce Makarnaci is one of the travelers who resigned from her job and took the roads with her love to travel. Traveling every inch of Asia, Tugce Makarnaci sets an example in this respect and encourages people to follow her passion for travel. /




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