Wondered Things about Traveling by Sailboat

Rich-blue sea, sunset… Traveling by sailboat is an activity that attracts so many enthusiasts. Our country is suitable for maritime due to its geographical characteristics and offers a great chance for those who want to travel by sailboats.

If the idea of enjoying an unforgettable experience in the Aegean Sea, which attracts seamen from all over the world, also attracts you, you should try traveling by sailboat some day in your life.



If you have never traveled by a sailboat and do not have a sailor certificate, there is an option for you. You can take a tour under the leadership of an experienced captain, and set sail to rich-blue sea to experience this pleasure.

Beside the pleasure of traveling by a sailboat, the beauty of the views you will witness will fascinate you when the time to anchor in a bay comes at the end of the tour.



Must Know Facts about Traveling by Sailboat

Traveling by sailboat is usually preferred in summer. It is not because of the fact that it is not possible to travel in the winter, but because of the desire to enjoy a sea vacation to the full. It is also wondered whether you need to have your own boat for sailing or not. No, you don't need to have your own boat for sailing. There are even many sailboat agencies in the market. If you wish, you can benefit from this service of the companies renting sailboat.



What To Do Before Traveling by Sailboat

It is crucial to have basic marine and sailboat knowledge in order to travel by sailboat. You may start with getting basic sailboat training to develop yourself in this regard. These trainings will help you to see if you can travel by sailboat or not. Who knows, you may discover the sailor in you.

The sailors also have a special language. You have to learn the nautical terms before sailing.



If you are going to travel by a sailboat for a few days, you need to plan your foods accordingly. It is important to make a shopping list according to the number of people on the boat, and to choose the most practical dishes to cook and the most durable foods that will not spoil quickly. It is also very important to keep an equipped first aid kit handy on the boat. Even if this service is offered in the rented boats, do not forget to confirm it according to your needs. Always make sure to take the medicines that the people accompanying you may need during the travel, as well as your personal needs.


Furthermore, do not forget that you will spend a long time on the water, and take the measures for a possible seasickness. Another important point in traveling by sailboat is to choose the equipment suitable for sea. Do not forget that you will be exposed to sunlight too much while traveling by a sailboat. So, you need to take a sunscreen cream and sunglasses. You should also take into consideration that you may get wet during the cruise and choose your clothes accordingly.



We also recommend you to keep a small notebook and a pencil handy. You can note down your memories and experiences in this notebook, which is called a log by the captains, so that you can read and turn it into a diary that will remind you those exciting days.



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