Wondered Things About Minimalism and Minimalist Life Philosophy

We can define minimalism as a concept or a movement in which simplicity and objectivity are prioritized. Minimalism can be also defined as ABC art and minimal art. Minimalism emerged as an art movement in 1960s. This movement originated from a reaction against great importance attached to shape and emotions by abstract expressionism.   Because minimalism aims to attract attention to the characteristic of the object as being an object.



Used in music and visual arts and expressed as an art movement, minimalism has acquired different dimensions today. In fact, it is better to say that it has been started to be used in other areas of life. For example, this concept shows up as a philosophy of life, which attracts attention of more and more people every passing day. Emerging first as an art movement, minimalism has become one of the popular life philosophies today.



In fact, this phenomenon has emerged as a reaction against complexity, unnecessary surplus and formalism just like in art. Because the developments being experienced in the last 10-15 years have reached such an extent that encourages us to bear more burden than we can handle and to get more than we can. This means crowding our lives with too much stuff. At this point, minimalist life promises us a place to breathe.




The answers to the questions such as how to become a minimalist and the meaning of living a minimalist life are also important. How is a minimalist person? Yes, we come up with these questions frequently in the recent days. There may be also people around you, who adopt the philosophy of minimalist life and suggest you the same. There are people who obtain incomplete or incorrect information during their research about how to become a minimalist, as well as those who have managed to fully adapt the minimalist life.



Firstly, you need to know that you cannot become a minimalist by living with a few pieces of furniture in your home. Because simplifying is not just about getting rid of your extra stuff. It is also necessary to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, excess people, crowded and tiring lifestyle, tiring and unnecessary habits, in short, all material and spiritual surpluses. Because having less means worrying less.




Do you think living in a house crowded with too much stuff and living in a house furnished in a minimalist style can be the same? Don't you get tired of or spend your hours for the maintenance and cleaning of excess stuff? Don't you get lost in the wardrobe every time you open it in the morning? Aren't you in financial difficulties because of the consumption frenzy? Minimalism helps you get rid of all of these problems, and you no more experience unnecessary stress.



Because you enjoy the pleasure of having only what you need. You learn how it feels to live in the moment, and you see the wonderful effect of getting rid of the problems that waste your life.  You realize that minimalist life does not mean living with a few pieces of furniture at home, but spending life full of what really matters and getting rid of everything unnecessary.




When you get rid of your burdens that make you feel heavy, you will start to breathe much more easily, feel that you are really alive and discover that "less is actually more".

In fact, simplifying means becoming richer.

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