Wondered Facts about Venice, the Romantic City

Venice is a romantic city in Italy, which is famous for its canals… Venice, a must-visit city, attracts visitors with its canals, architectural texture and cultural structure. Venice, which has made great ground globally, is referred to as an important cultural center for its touristic and historical texture. Hosting also various festivals, this city has managed to become a prominent and developed center for centuries.




In addition to the canals, Venice is also home to many different cultural events and artists. In this context, it welcomes visitors from all over the world as one of the rare cities, where culture, art and romance coexist. The city attracts many tourists due to its structure identified with the gondola. Gondola cruises enable visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view.




Must-Knows about Venice

Located on the shore of Adriatic Sea, Venice is perfect both day and night. This is due to the fact that even the doors of the houses open to the canals. Transportation across the city is based on canal transportation rather than road transportation. Even the post office handles the deliveries through canal transportation. The city was formed by merging of 118 islands along the coastline.




Known to have the strongest navy in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Period, Venice is a city, which has also established its own state during the historical process. On the other hand, this city has made a name for itself for various activities in the field of art throughout history. In fact, Venice is the city where Vivaldi was born, which played an important role in the development of symphonic music and opera. With rich roots in art, this city is known as the "romantic city in Europe".




There are so many must-visit spots in Venice, which owes its multicultural structure to various historical and architectural monuments it hosts. Just like the canals, several inns and palaces in the city are also among focus areas in Venice. Bridges built over the canals also appear as an indicator of how traditional architecture is reflected.




City Famous for Its Canals: Venice

With important centers such as St. Mark's Square, Rialto Square and Bridge, San Giorgio Maggiore, Murano, Burano and Torcello islands, Venice is a highly developed cultural city. The S-shaped Canal Grande divides the city in two. This canal appears as a developed area in terms of transportation for the visitors.




Owing its strong navy and its superiority in maritime trade to these canals, Venice is referred to as the westernmost city of the East and the easternmost city of the West. This is due to the commercial network developed during its period.  While many merchants were putting up their goods for sale via several trade routes, various embassies in Venice also played an important role in promoting the culture of this city.

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