Wondered Facts About the Master Director Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock is a famous director among the world's best directors in the IMDb ranking. Anyone, who is even slightly interested in cinema culture, must have heard the name of this famous director, who has sparked off tremendous discussions with the movies he has made. So, why is Alfred Hitchcock so famous? In this article, we will tell you about the wondered facts about the master director Alfred Hitchcock.




The master director Alfred Hitchcock with American origin was born on August 13, 1899 and died on April 29, 1980. British-born Hitchcock is one of the unforgettable thriller directors.  In his interviews, he was telling that he grew up in a conservative Catholic family and was brought up with an iron discipline. While he was talking about one of his memories, he told that his father wanted to punish him and sent him to the police station with a note in his hand, and that his father had written on the note that Alfred misbehaved so he had to be punished by the policemen.


Telling that his mother also used to punish him in similar ways, Alfred Hitchcock struggled with obesity throughout his life. In fact, he gained so much weight that he was exempted from military service.  After secondary education in a Catholic school, the famous director went to London County Council School of Marine Engineering and Navigation to study marine engineering.  Working in the advertising industry for a while, Hitchcock went to University of London to study drawing and design. Then he worked as an art director, editor, writer, designer and assistant director.


Alfred Hitchcock and His Movie Life

Hitchcock started to shoot his first movie Mrs. Peabody in 1922. However, this comedy movie was unfinished because of the fact that producers did not provide sufficient support. The famous director completed his first sound movie in 1929.  This horror movie Blackmail made a big splash in England in the first year it was released. Achieving great success with his next movie The Man Who Knew Too Much, Hitchcock took the first steps towards becoming a well-known director.


Hitchcock went to America at the end of 1930s and signed a 7-year contract with the producer David Selznick. Receiving various awards for the movie Rebecca he shot in 1940, the famous director continued this success with several noteworthy movies such as Rope (1948), Vertigo (1958) and his most famous movie Psycho (1960). Having directed more than 50 movies throughout his career, Hitchcock used mainly the ability to tell without telling.  With this masterful ability, Hitchcock crowned his 60-year career with dozens of awards and managed to be one of the legendary directors. 


How Did Hitchcock Become So Famous?

Hitchcock is regarded as a genius in horror movies and psychological thrillers. This is because he brought different perspectives to the world of cinema with the camera angles, zoom techniques and music effects he used in his movies. Knowing how to influence human psychology, the master director also became well-known for presenting his movies in a humorous manner and making cameos. Alfred Hitchcock, who did not win Oscar despite all this, received the Lifetime Achievement award in 1979, a year before he died. 



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