Wondered Facts About Bozburun, the Pearl of Marmaris

Town of Bozburun in Marmaris, one of the most beautiful districts of Mugla, is a location famous for its unique geography and yacht building... Located in the southwest of Turkey, this pretty town takes its name from its gray mountains. Bozburun, the sources of income of which include boat building as well as tourism and fishing, is famous particularly for gulet building. Most of the yachts and gulets in Marmaris marina are built in Bozburun.



Bozburun, the choice of those looking for a quiet, peaceful and serene environment for vacation, promises vacationers both a comfortable and high-quality vacation with its large number of hostels and restaurants. Bozburun, a more natural and quiet location outside the urbanized touristic and popular part of Marmaris, which has slightly moved away from naturalness, has become one of the places frequented by those who like this kind of vacation.



Located 45 kilometers away from Marmaris, Bozburun fascinates the visitors, who like quiet vacation, with its bays that have not yet been fully explored. Located within the ancient city of Larymna, Bozburun is a peaceful and stunning town reflecting the breezes of the past. Even though Bozburun is a small and unostentatious region, it hosts many beauties to visit and see. Swimming in the bays of Bozburun with crystal-clear water is an activity all by itself.



If you go by self-drive, you can visit the pretty neighboring villages. Kizkumu, which is located in the village of Orhaniye, is one of them… You can gain a unique experience by walking right in the middle of the sea in Kizkumu. Walking on 600-meter-long beach right in the middle of the sea can be imprinted in your mind as a vacation memory, which you can not experience anywhere else.




In Turgutkoy, you can swim in icy-cold water. You can take a walk along the paths shaded by pine and plane trees here, and taste different flavors in the inner side when you get hungry. You can watch the sunset in the village of Sogut. This is a region located where Aegean and Mediterranean intersect. This is why you can feel both the Aegean and Mediterranean breezes.




You can walk along with goats and lambs, and taste the menus prepared with natural products. In particular, the sunset view accompanied by fresh fish and delicious appetizers can make you feel happy away from the hustle and bustle of the whole world. You can relieve the tiredness of the whole year in the quiet and natural ambiance of the village of Selimiye.




You can enjoy the sea and nature in pretty and peaceful locations such as Bayirkoy, Bozukkale and Hisaronu. You can take boat tours running to surrounding bays and feel the energy of the sea to the fullness of your heart. You can accommodate in the hostels and hotels in Bozburun, visit the ancient city of Larymna, take a nature walk and enjoy the stunning view on Asar Hill. In Bozburun, it is possible to find hostels, apart hotels and boutique hotels affordable for everyone and appealing all tastes.



How to Get to Bozburun

For self-driving, you can take Marmaris-Datca road to get to Bozburun, which is 45 kilometers away from Marmaris.

You can also get to Bozburun by minibus from Marmaris. 

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