Where to Tour and Visit in Amsterdam

Being one of the most popular and touristic cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam makes a distinguished name as a charming city with a bundle of energy thanks to its unique architectural texture, the canals interlacing the city entirely, its bridges and its flawless beauty resembling a painting. It is also a cycling paradise. It is possible to see hundreds of bicycles, being among the most commonly used vehicles for transport, moving and parked at the streets and avenues of the city.



Being an extremely energetic and vivid city with its pubs, coffee shops and restaurants, fast-food outlets and gift shops, Amsterdam hosts a great number of foreign tourists on yearly basis as well. The galleries, parks, museums, marketplaces, the stores and shops, where haute couture products are being sold, stylize a deeper and colorful character for Amsterdam that also hosts numerous cultural and art activities. Here is the travel guide for Amsterdam for the individuals who wish to plot route to this fascinated city of canals...


For what Amsterdam is famous?

A bright and breezy energy will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the city. The whizzing bikers, you will encounter at every step, the canals resembling an oil painting, the mini shops selling fries and many shops where you can buy souvenirs all contribute to that.  In Amsterdam, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, you can also buy the hand-crafted wooden shoes for your beloved ones. You can readily find any size of such shoes distinguished with their colorful appearances.


What you will encounter the most in Amsterdam will also include the cheese monger shops, selling a wide array of cheese. This city famous for its cheese is virtually a paradise especially for the cheese-lovers. You can taste any type of cheese as you like and buy it in a vacuum package, in the vicinity.  One of the symbols, identified with the Netherlands, is for sure the colorful tulips. You can see the tulip bulbs being sold in many shops in Amsterdam.  You can buy such tulip bulbs offered for sale in assorted colors and give them as a gift to your beloved ones.


Must-Visit Places in Amsterdam

The list of must-visit places in Amsterdam is a considerably long one. Here are the places that must be visited and discovered the first...

Dam Square

Located at the very heart of Amsterdam, the Dam Square shines out in the list of must-visit places thanks to its bright and breezy atmosphere all year round. At the Dam Square, which is one the attraction points that attract the attention of the foreign tourist the most, you can observe in particular the acrobats, photo-shooting tourists, musicians, romantic lovers and the individuals having a break for getting rest. The Amsterdam Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis te Amsterdam), located at the start of the square, and the New Church (Nieuwkerk), where coronations are held, are worth seeing.


Canals of Amsterdam

We think that the canals of Amsterdam are not something that is unheard-of. When it comes to Amsterdam, the canals of Amsterdam are no doubt one of the first things we recall. Those canals with a total length over 100 kilometers are included on the World Heritage List, com of UNESCO. The bridges at the canals interconnect the 90 islands in the city. You can sightsee the Dutch houses more closely during a canal tour.  Canal tours also rank first among the most favorite activities of tourists.



It is a living picturesque street located in the ancient region of Amsterdam. The walls at Zeedijk were built at the end of the 13th century for the purpose of protecting the city against flood. Having been mentioned as the worst place in the city during 1980s, Zeedijk is virtually a center of attraction at the present time. This deep-rooted and picturesque street accommodates coffee shops, restaurants, monuments and the Chinatown. 



The list of must-visit places in Amsterdam is a notably long one. In this fascinating city, you can also visit and discover the Rijksmuseum Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank Museum, the Westerkerk Churh, the Rembrandt House Museum, the Begijnhof area, the Heineken Experience and Amsterdam City Museum (Stedelijk Museum). Making its mark with its vibrant nightlife, night clubs and discotheques, Amsterdam is a fascinating destination where you will let time slip by while touring and discovering.



What to Eat in Amsterdam?

You can find alternative and rich variety of world cuisine in this fascinating city that hosts numerous tourists arriving from all corners of the world and around the world and various countries every year. In Amsterdam, where you can find the most delicious meals of the cuisines such as the Italian, Arabian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, Russian, Iranian, Greek, and Latin American all unique to the countries all around the world, you can arouse your palatal delight as well.


We recommend you not to return home without tasting the fries and waffle delicacies and the falafel bars unique to the city. If you will plot your route to Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you might be inspired by our article, Discover the City with Paris Travel Guide! as well.  

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