What is Quantum Physics? How Does It Work? About Quantum

There exists a term that even those who do not have a deep understanding of physics have a slight superficial knowledge of or are at least familiar with: Quantum. In fact, the question of what quantum physics is, which is frequently addressed during the personal development journey and is said to involve extremely important details of life, is asked a lot. 




How quantum physics works is another issue of great interest. Quantum physics, one of the greatest mechanics of the universe, and how powerful the mind is and what can be done with this power is also of great interest.





Even though the discovery of quantum physics is associated with a number of scientists, the famous physicist Albert Einstein is the first name that comes to mind.  Quantum physics, the foundations of which were laid by the physicists such as Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac, Erwin Schrödinger, Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, John von Neumann and Wolfgang Pauli, still remains interesting and popular. Let's take a deeper look into the answer to the question of what quantum physics means.



The Code for the Functioning of the Universe: Quantum Mechanics

Quantum, a branch of physics that deeply studies the functioning of the universe, sheds light for our better understanding of the universe. Involving protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks, this mechanics also means the physics of probabilities.




The classical physics developed by Isaac Newton in the 1800s proved to be insufficient and the foundations of quantum physics were laid by famous physical scientists such as Albert Einstein, Heisenberg and Bohr in the 1900s.





What is Quantum? How Does It Work?

The clearest and briefest answer to the question of what quantum is that it is the science that best explains the universe in an easily understandable manner. The well-known classical laws of physics cannot provide a detailed explanation of the dynamics of motion of tiny particles and high-speed objects.  



Introducing the general theory of relativity, Albert Einstein opened up almost a new path, while discovering the missing and wrong parts of the theory of Newton. We can say that the quantum physics make it possible to explore the universe, understand the dark matter, and more excitingly, prove the creation.




The formula e=MC2, known or at least heard by almost everyone, essentially means that everything in the universe is energy. Everything we see and touch is actually energy. The formula E=MC2 means energy equals the mass of an object multiplied by the speed of the light squared. Everything in the universe is essentially energy, and equals its mass multiplied by the speed of the light squared.    




Superposition theorem is also an interesting concept in quantum physics. While the classical laws of physics say that matter can exist only in a single environment, quantum physics claims the opposite. In other words, matters may or may not exist in the universe.





Or both can apply. Parallel universe is the idea of ​​infinite possibility, which is the most attention-grabbing issue within the quantum physics. That is to say that one can live a different life with his/her preferences and experience other possibilities s/he prefers in the said parallel universes. 




The answer to the question whether light is a wave or a particle also involves very surprising dynamics. The double slit experiment still requires a clear and detailed explanation. The mystery of electrons, which behave like particles as if they are aware of it, is the most inexplicable part of the double slit experiment. 




The quantum physics, as a science grabbing much more attention with the double slit experiment, intends to unravel the secrets of universe, while claiming that thought is also energy, and based on this argument, people have the will to shape their own life according to what they want.




Intending to clarify secrets of the universe through a scientific approach and a well-established language, quantum physics continues to provide explanation of life with scientific formulas, leaving the books aside and reaching into the farthest corners of the universe.

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