What is Hatha Yoga? How Does It Work?

It is true that a healthy body and a healthy mind are connected. The healthier the body is, the more balanced our psychology will be. The yoga discipline is one of the routines necessary for living a harmonious, balanced, calm and peaceful life. Hatha yoga, which we hear of more often now, is becoming increasingly popular. Here are the details for those who want to know what Hatha yoga is and how it works…



What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha means strong, and Hatha yoga is a practice that purifies the body and mind. Building dynamism in itself with certain poses and breathing techniques, Hatha yoga can be described as a discipline designed to align the muscles and bones. These poses, which are performed under the guidance of the instructors in yoga halls, make keeping physical and mental health in balance much easier and more enjoyable.



Let's take a look at what kind of changes we will see in ourselves when we practice the Hatha yoga discipline and what the benefits of Hatha yoga are.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Researches show that Hatha yoga ensures physical and spiritual healing in many aspects and offers various benefits. Here are the benefits of Hatha yoga…

* Hatha yoga is a key to quality sleep.


* Those who practiced Hatha yoga were found to have lower blood pressure and cortisol levels.

* Those who practiced Hatha yoga were also found to have a more balanced and stronger muscle tone.

* It is fair to say that Hatha yoga, which corrects spinal imbalances and strengthens the muscles, can prevent back and low-back pain.

* It relieves neck pain.


*Researches have also shown that Hatha yoga prevents depression, regulates the mood and has a calming effect.

*It has also been found out that Hatha yoga can increase the spine flexibility of especially older women.

Hatha yoga ensures uninterrupted, free energy flow and make you feel as if you were reborn. Hatha yoga, a great means of individual transformation, aims to refresh and strengthen both physical and mental strength.


From the first moment you start Hatha yoga, you will experience the life comfort and healing in many aspects, such as calmness and serenity, ease of movements, staying in balance, ease of concentration, keeping fit and alert, increase in self-confidence and spiritual satisfaction. Hatha yoga, a discipline of balance and also a combination of the opposites, was recognized by the World Health Organization under health category in the 20th century.



What Are Hatha Yoga Poses?

Hatha yoga classes usually last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Even regular sessions of 15 minutes can provide benefits. Let's take a look at the basic Hatha yoga poses.





Breathing Techniques

Focusing on your breathing, take deep breaths from diaphragm. At the same time, you can warm up your muscles with spinal roll and gentle movements. While doing this, make sure that you breathe slowly through your nose.




Bridge Pose

After warming up, you can try different yoga poses. The bridge pose is the most commonly used pose. Other yoga poses include laying down and seated poses like bridge and boat, standing poses like triangle and tree, and restorative poses like fetal position.




Taking place after all the poses are done, the meditation ensures a perfect ending. The meditative music playing during the meditation, an awareness practice will bring you a perfect calming and peace. You can end the hatha yoga in a restorative pose lying on your back and feel lighter and purified.


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