What are Natural Stones Used For? Here are the Natural Stones and Their Effects

They are sometimes used as a necklace pendant or worn as a ring stone. They are sometimes in the form of a stylish rosary or an ornament... Real natural stones with different minerals, which are known to support treatment of various diseases, are highly preferred for their appearance and the energy they gift. 




Natural stones and what they are used for are one of the most wondered topics. In particular, the suitable natural stone for each zodiac sign and their effects on the body have long been an object of interest for centuries. What are lapis lazuli, carnelian, jade, coral, chalchuite, quartz, amethyst and all other natural stones used for and what are their effects on the body? Here are the natural stones and their effects.





When we take a look at the properties of natural stones, it stands out with the way it supports treatment of various diseases. Carnelian is believed to help maintain the mind-body-spiritual balance, and facilitates elimination of negative energy in the body. 




Supporting cleansing of the aura, carnelian also helps improve concentration, perception and mental functions. Carnelian is also known to provide relief and relaxation by reducing the anger and tension, and to increase courage, life energy and energy. 





With different color versions such as brown, dark blue, green, pink, blue and purple, carnelian is one of the most used stones in jewelry. It is suitable for Taurus, Virgo and Gemini, and can be carried for its relaxing property.





Aquamarine Stone 

Aquamarine is mainly mined in Russia. Aquamarine, a Latin word meaning water of the sea, is known as the stone of safe voyage, inspiration, power, inner peace, purification, peace and calmness. Aquamarine stone, which is believed to be good for sore throats and swollen thyroid glands, is suitable for Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Aries.



Amazonite Stone

It is often confused with the aquamarine stone because the colors of these two stones are close to each other, and is also known as the amazon stone. With soothing properties, amazonite stone also supports personality characteristics such as sincerity, prophecy and trust. Amazonite stone is known to help balance the feminine and masculine energies. Facilitating elimination of the negative energy accumulated in the body and the blockages in chakras, amazonite stone also eliminates magnetic pollution. It is suitable for Virgo.


Coral Stone 

Coral stone is an organic, i.e. living, stone like pearl and mother-of-pearl, and is an extremely precious stone appealing to the eye with its unique tone of red. Coral stone is available in a wide range of shades from pinkish orange to sweet red, and is included under the category of red natural stones. 




It stands out with its energy boosting property, and although very rarely, blue coral stone is also available. Coral stone is opaque or matte, and is mined from warm and shallow seas.  Strengthening the heart and spleen, facilitating concentration, boosting the memory, helping blood flow, supporting balance of the hormonal system, and refreshing by facilitating elimination of negative energy of places, coral stone is suitable for Libra, Pisces and Aries signs.



Amethyst Stone 

With the greatest notes of shades of lilac and purple, amethyst is one of the protective natural stones. Ensuring inner peace, awareness and mental, physical and spiritual healing, the amethyst stone is known to protect the person against the bad vibe of others. Reducing stress and tension and acting as a natural tranquilizer, amethyst also ensures comfortable sleeping. Amethyst helps eliminate emotions such as anger, distress and anxiety, and is suitable for Virgo.



Lapis Lazuli            

With notes of shades of purple and dark blue, lapis lazuli is known as a stone identified with courage, intelligence, wisdom and power. With dynamics such as love, intuition, self-confidence, and inner balance, lapis rapidly eliminates stress, ensuring a sense of deep peace. Awakening creativity and objectivity, lapis lazuli is suitable for Libra, Pisces and Sagittarius. 




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