Walking and Jogging Tracks in Istanbul

If you live in Istanbul and want a relaxing activity for the weekend to relieve the tiredness of the week, then walking or jogging in the fresh air may be a good choice. You can take a walk on the tracks designed for walking and jogging and then relax by lying down on the grass or have picnic and enjoy the view by watching the sea and sky in various parts of Istanbul. Here are the best walking and running tracks in Istanbul…




Belgrad Forest / Sariyer

Belgrad Forest, one of the most popular and favorite walking and jogging destinations, is also one of the most popular tracks in Istanbul for its walking tracks of varying lengths, cycle tracks and picnic sites. You can enjoy your time filled with peace in this special location in the city center in touch with nature.




Kennedy Street / Bakirkoy

Located on the European side, Kennedy Street is also the most popular street on this side. Kennedy Street, also known as Sahilyolu, starts from Sirkeci and continues all the way to Bakirkoy. Located parallel to the railway, the road features cycling, walking and jogging tracks. You can take a breather and enjoy the view in the parks and benches on the road. This track passes through the districts of Yenikapi, Kazlicesme and Zeytinburnu and continues all the way to Bakirkoy. Numerous tea shops to relax are also available along the coastal road, which is adorned with colorful flowers.



Macka Park / Besiktas

Situated between Besiktas and Taksim, Macka Park is one of the most popular and famous parks in Istanbul... Covering an area including also Nisantasi, Harbiye, Macka and Dolmabahce, this park features sports equipment besides walking tracks. You can take a walk, do sports, take pictures and have great time here.




Emirgan Park / Sariyer

Situated between Emirgan and Istinye, Emirgan Park is most famous for its tulips. Hosting Tulip Festival that is held every year in April, Emirgan Park is an ideal destination for a nature walk and breakfast. The Ottoman Sultan Murad IV presented the park, which provides a sheltered setting with the high walls surrounding it, to Iranian Emir Gune Khan as a gift. There are three mansions in the grove, namely the Yellow, Pink and White Mansion. You can have great and fun time in Emirgan Park, one of the parks that are pleasing to the eye and soul at the same time.



Balat Coast / Fatih

You can take a walk on this coastal road, which runs along the Golden Horn coast, passing through old districts such as Balat, Fener and Feshane, with fresh sea air.
 Situated between Ataturk Bridge and Golden Horn Bridge, Balat coast is one of the ideal destinations for those who love walking.
This track, which is among the best jogging and cycling destinations in Istanbul, is not very long.
 Balat Coastal road, which is about 3 kilometers, can be referred to as an alternative option.



Bebek Coast / Besiktas

Bebek Coast, one of the first places preferred by those who want to walk on a straight track free from obstacles while enjoying sea air rich in oxygen, starts from Arnavutkoy and continues all the way to Sariyer. In particular, the part, which remains in the district of Bebek, is the best and most popular route for walking. 

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