Village of Kuyucak, Lavender Paradise, in Isparta

Social media platforms host photos taken in front of the fields with eye-catching purple color and endless look, arousing a sense of eternity and curiosity of people. Many people may think that these eye-catching and soul's resting purple fields are abroad; but no, they are not. Located in the village of Kuyucak that is about 50 kilometers away from Isparta and situated at the foot of Taurus Mountains, this purple paradise is actually a giant lavender garden providing almost 90% lavender production in Turkey.



Kuyucak, a quiet village with about 250-300 residents, is famous for this uniquely beautiful lavender field. Let's take a look at the story of this hidden beauty, where everyone, who happens to pass, stops and takes a photo. The purple adventure of the village of Kuyucak started upon the arrival of the first lavender seedlings in 1975 and grew with the support and encouragement of the Ministry of Culture. The residents of the village got to know all the details about how to treat, cultivate and grow lavenders through the training they received. Those being aware of this visual feast visit this place at the first occasion and take numerous photos.


With almost 1 million visitors last year alone, the lavender fields fascinate those who never been here by the photos. Here, you can collect lavenders, make your dream photos come true, buy lavender soap, lavender tea and lavender oil made in the village, ride bike on the bike path, taste flavors such as ice cream, cake, cookies and coffee prepared with lavender flavor, and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. The village houses, turned into pretty pensions, offer a unique accommodation experience for those who want to stay.



When to Visit Lavender Fields

The lavenders come to life and begin to bloom in early June. The fields turn completely purple at the end of June. Harvested at the end of August, the lavenders amaze visitors with their purple color during this period.




What to Do in The Village of Kuyucak

Tourism activities also take place at a fast pace in the village of Kuyucak, which also known as lavender-scented village. Based on the use of lavender as a raw material in the field of health and cosmetics, lotions, creams, cologne and a number of cosmetic products are also offered for sales. Even lavender ice cream is made. The village of Kuyucak, where tourism and trade come were dynamized by the visits of local and foreign tourists, is the luckiest and closest witness of this purple paradise. The lavender-scented village, which is also a very popular spot for photographers, brings many fascinating photographs to life.


How to Get to The Village of Kuyucak

You can get to the village of Kuyucak by minibuses departing from the city center of Isparta. You can get to Keciborlu from Bus Stations of Isparta and Burdur and then reach the village of Kuyucak by minibus. For self-driving, you can easily find it by the direction signs of Kuyucak Village, which is located at a very close distance to Burdur Lake. You can also take taxi to get to the village of Kuyucak from Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport. If you haven't been here before, you should visit this fragrant, purple paradise with in the village of Kuyucak.

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