Vegetables and Fruits You Can Grow in a Pot

Growing vegetables and fruits in a pot requires clean and high-quality soil. You can get a watering can for regular watering of the vegetables and fruits you will grow, and you can use pebbles to drain. While choosing a pot, you should prefer such models that roots can grow easily. In the following article, we have compiled the vegetables and fruits that you can easily grow in a pot.


Loved by almost everyone and being a must in kitchen, tomato is a very practical choice for growing in a pot. The first thing you need to do to grow tomato in a pot is to fill a large part of a pot of your preferred size with soil. Then you need to cut a suitable tomato in circles in the middle. So, you can reach the cores inside the tomato. Place these cores on the soil. Then cover well the cores with some soil. When you finish, all you have to do is not to forget watering and wait for your tomatoes in the pot to sprout.



Lettuce is an ideal choice for those who want to grow vegetable in a pot. Because lettuce is an easygoing plant that can be easily grown in a pot. First you need to put the seed of the lettuce into humus-rich soil. Put the soil in a pot that is not very deep. It is important to make sure that the thickness of the soil to be put in the pot is 10 cm and you do not compress it. Smooth the soil surface and sprinkle the seeds, and then cover it with a thin layer of soil again. The lettuce in the pot will begin to germinate in approximately seven days if you pay attention.



If you want to grow parsley that you use in the salads and meals you cook, you need to get humus soil and seeds. Then you can proceed to planting. First, fill a pot with soil by leaving a space of approximately 6-7 cm. Sprinkle the parsley seeds evenly on the soil and make sure to keep the soil moist. Then, gently tamp the soil and cover the seeds with a thin layer of moist soil. In addition, do not forget to water it until it sprouts. If you use the sprinkler method to water the parsley, it will sprout in 15-20 days and you will be able to consume it after about 5 weeks.


Spring onion

Spring onion is one of the plants that you can easily grow at home regardless of the season. All you need to grow spring onion in a pot is soil that is rich in peat and shallots. Put approximately 20 cm of soil in a pot and place shallot onions on the soil. Then, gently tamp the soil. It is important to make sure that the roots of the shallots are facing down and upper parts are facing up. Before completely covering with soil, add some peat. You will get better result if you use sprinkle method to water.  It is also important to choose a sunny location.



Carrot is another vegetable that you can grow in a pot. It is important to pick a deep and wide pot to grow a carrot in a pot. It is also important to make sure that the soil to be put in the pot is rich in peat. Fill the pot with plenty of peat to start planting. Smooth the surface of the soil and sprinkle carrot seeds with leaving a 4-5 cm gap between them, and cover them with a thin layer of peat again. Do not forget to water your carrots once or twice a week. If you also choose a sunny location, your carrots will sprout in a short time and start growing.



Spinach is one of the easygoing vegetables that can be grown in a pot. You need soil rich in peat in order to grow spinach in a pot. Put soil in a pot to start planting. Sprinkle the spinach seeds on the soil.  Cover it with a thin layer of soil and gently tamp it. In this way, you will compress it. Just like other green leafy vegetables, you should use sprinkle method for watering. The good thing about growing spinach is that it can also grow in locations without sunshine. However, you can still prefer the sunniest location in your house and water it regularly.



One of the practical plants that can be grown at home is rosemary. Growing rosemary in a pot is frequently preferred since it grows on its own and can be planted easily in every season. Get sandy and humic soil to start planting. Put the soil and then the seed in a pot. Cover it with the soil at a thickness of nearly 4 cm. Water the rosemary in the pot and then start waiting. Do not forget to water it every three days. Because it is important to keep the soil moist while growing rosemary in a pot. Despite the fact that the sunlight accelerates the growing process, rosemary will still grow even if your house does not get sun.

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