Vacation Ideas for Valentine's Day

It is nice to love someone and be loved in return. Who wouldn't like to experience this magical, deep and strong feeling, namely love, which is not expressible in words, in this mortal life? There are numerous vacation options for those who want to fit this special feeling into a single day and spend special moments with their loved ones. February 14, the Valentine's Day, known as St.Valentine's Day worldwide, is a very special day for lovers to crown their love. As February 14, the Valentine's Day, which is also known as the day when the birds choose their mates according to the poet Chaucer, is celebrated in winter, those planning a vacation retreat with their loved ones may choose a destination without a sea, sun and sand concept. In fact, there are various options such as nature walk, enjoying the snow in nature, romantic moments by the fireplace and many other.

If this day, which is filled with love, falls on Friday, then you may prefer a destination that is far from the city, combining the weekend with Valentine's Day. If you live in a city close to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, it'll be much easier for you. You will have many options for vacation on Valentine's Day. Despite the winter, if you are looking for a hotel paradise, which is famous for its sea, the hotels in Antalya, where you can enjoy indoor pools, may appeal to you. There are also numerous alternatives if you are looking for romance.

Here are some options filled with love and fun, where you can spend February 14, the Valentine's Day…


If you live in a city located in Marmara Region, such as Bursa and İstanbul, Agva may be a good choice as it is in close vicinity. You can spend a few days in one of the hotels located along both sides of Goksu and Yesilcay rivers. Enjoying the fireplace in the hotel, boating on the river, and hours filled with love in a calm and peaceful place are waiting for you.



 Abant is just like a beautiful postcard that will appeal to your eyes and enchant   your heart especially in snowy winter, and charm you with its magnificent view.   Walking around the lake, riding horse and biking in Abant, which is beautiful   just like a postcard, may be another choice for relaxing and enjoying romance.   You may prefer one of the various hotels located around Abant Lake, which are   also often preferred by honeymoon couples, and spend unforgettable   moments. Abant is not only a good choice for those living in Istanbul and   Bursa,  but also for those living in Ankara as it is located at a close distance.


One of the destinations at a close distance from Istanbul is Masukiye. This pretty town, which is mostly known for the fish farms, may also be an ideal destination for those who wish to celebrate February 14. One of the various hotels in Masukiye, which is surrounded with green nature, will absolutely appeal to you. If you wish, you may go to Kartepe for a more luxurious accommodation option. You may also ski on white snow cover with your loved one and have wonderful time.

Iznik and Sapanca

Another option for those living in Istanbul, Bursa and Ankara may also be Iznik and Sapanca. In Iznik, you can also visit historical places and enjoy both your love and the history. In Sapanca, you can enjoy the comfort of spa to the full.


Mostly preferred by those living in Ankara, Amasra is a beautiful and stunning location, which will not disappoint even those coming from far away. With its pretty, warm and sincere ambiance, Amasra is also a good destination for romance. At the fish restaurants located along the coast, the excitement of newly couples set sail for love, and the deeper feelings of those whose love is aged are refreshed and romanticism talks. The panoramic view from the top of Amasra is also such attractive that will linger in your memories for years... You can eat delicious fishes and accommodate in one of the hotels, located in this district and affordable by everyone.

Cesme/ Ilıca
An old and popular destination for summer vacations, Cesme is an extremely relaxing and charming option for those looking for a more isolated vacation in winter. You may also prefer Ilica, a district of Cesme that is famous for its healing water. If you wish, you can include Alacati, a popular spot for summer, among your options. Becoming quieter in February, Alacati may be an ideal destination to stay alone with your loved one and rest your head. You may prefer accommodating in one of the hotels in Alacati, which are open also in winter. There are also a number of hotels in Ilica, which offer spa services. This is a good choice mostly for those coming from Izmir. This is another Vacation option, which is reminiscent of summer, for February 14, the Valentine's Day .


 Undoubtedly, Uludag is the first destination that comes to mind when it comes   to snow, winter and skiing. With its clean air, various activities, concerts and   colorful nightlife, and as a professional ski resort, Uludag may be the perfect   option to celebrate February 14, where you will have the opportunity to relax,   while enjoying and refreshing your love.


 If you want to go for a vacation on February 14 with your loved one in a region   which is famous for its green nature, as well as the peace it offers and the warm water, Yalova may be an option for you. The thermal hotels located here will warm up the cold winter days, being an amazing gift for you and your loved one.

Hotels in Antalya

Despite all, if you want to celebrate February 14 in a holiday resort, which is famous for its sea and hotels, then hotels in Antalya will offer you numerous options and make you spend wonderful time with your loved one and return back home with unforgettable memories. Hosting many comfortable hotels where you can get energy from the natural beauties and indoor pools even if you cannot swim in the sea, Antalya will please you also with the hotels organizing different and special events for February 14. By both the hotels in the city center and the 5-star hotels located in the areas such as Camyuva, Adrasan and Belek, Antalya offers all kinds of comfort, which allow you to take an amazing short vacation with your loved one. Especially at Barut Hotel chains, the friendly and experience staff, comfort and service oriented vision and attractive options will make you feel glad to be there. You can spend a few days filled with romance and witness the history at the comfortable boutique hotels in Kaleici, which were once historical houses, or you can celebrate February 14, the Valentine's Day at 5-star hotels or holiday resorts with that special person.

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