Urla, a Peaceful Stop in Aegean Region

Urla is an ancient port city, which dates back to 4000 BC and can be regarded as one of the origins of olive cultivation and winemaking. With rumor has it that it took its name from the Greek word "vurla" meaning reed, this pretty town has become one of the rising stops in Aegean region in recent years with its historical texture, beaches and unique gourmet delicacies. Drawing an ever-increasing attention with its villages, beaches and delicacies, Urla has a nature and historical texture beyond the age.



Urla From Past to Present

Remains from the city of Klazomenai, which was founded by the Ionians, were found in Urla, which is thought to be one of the oldest ports in Aegean Sea. This city is thought to be a trade center enriched with olive cultivation in the Ancient Age. The excavations confirmed that one of the first places, where olive oil making, which still which continues today, took place, was in Urla.



Based on the wine glasses, coins with grape cluster and many other wine-related materials unearthed during archaeological excavations, it can be said that winemaking and wine trade have been practiced in Urla since ancient times. Winemaking, which came to a halt during the population exchange period, started to become popular and be revived by the project Vineyard Road.



Urla, one of the places frequented by those who want sea vacation, take part in wine tasting in boutique vineyards or experience an Aegean adventure in every aspect, is a candidate to become the heart of the Aegean once again with its unique delicacies and nature.





Gourmet Delicacies to Taste in Urla

This rich district, where you can find unique delicacies of Aegean, has stood out with wine and olive oil making in history. Becoming popular by having brought wine and olive oil making, which is an important source of income for the local people, to the present, Urla features a broad cuisine, where you can taste especially olive oil dishes.




The cuisine of this coastal city, where immigrant dishes bearing the traces of the population exchange period are common, also features various delicacies blending vegetable and meat dishes. If you happen to pass by this town bearing the traces of Ancient Age, you can taste gourmet delicacies while watching the magnificent view at the restaurants on the pier, and take on a short journey  to the past.



Must-See Places in Urla

Urla, a district located on the coastline of Aegean Sea, is generally a great option for those who want sea vacation in summer. Altinkoy and Demircili Beach are just some of the popular beaches you can swim in Urla. After enjoying the daytime at the sea in Urla, which attracts a great deal of attention of local and foreign tourists in the summer, you can watch the sunset at one of the beach taverns in the evening.



Urla, a true Aegean town, hosts enterprises and boutique hotels, which you can prefer both to get away from the city in winter and enjoy sea vacation in summer. You can taste the aromatic wines made from Aegean grapes especially in the boutique wine vineyards established by the project Vineyard Road.




You can witness both the nature and history of Urla by visiting the popular Art Street, Malgaca Bazaar and Barbaros Village, as well as the beaches and vineyards in the region. Beyond all of these, Urla, a fascinating Aegean town, is an ancient port city with various richness waiting to be discovered.

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