Travel Destinations for a Restful Weekend Vacation

We wanted to highlight some of the quite, serene and peaceful destinations for those who are looking for a weekend getaway after a tiresome and stressful week. Relieving physical and mental fatigue and helping you start the week fit, energetic and renewed, such mini vacations taken even for two days make it possible to refuel energy and get refreshed even in the middle of the year.



With its mountains, seas, rivers, natural beauties, shortly, with its rich cultural fabric and colorful geography, Turkey has numerous destinations to enjoy such a weekend getaway no matter where you are in Turkey. We have listed some of the destinations that can be the answer to where to go for a weekend vacation or a two-day vacation.




Where to Go for a Mini Vacation?


Cappadocia is one of the destinations that can be visited in almost every season and can be preferred as a great alternative for a weekend getaway with its fascinating and exceptional topography.




Having been included in the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1985, Cappadocia can also be defined as one of the best travel destinations in the Central Anatolia Region. Cappadocia, a world heritage site admired by whole world, can be the ideal destination for a restful weekend vacation.





Gliding like a bird in sky is undoubtedly the most unique experience in Cappadocia, where you can enjoy balloon tour and must-see Fairy Chimneys, Pigeon Valley, Love Valley, Uchisar and underground cities. 






Ayvalik, a pretty district in Balikesir, maintains its fame as one of the most popular destinations not only for long vacations but also for mini weekend vacations with its unspoiled nature despite its popularity, boutique characteristics looking like miniatures, stone Greek houses, streets smelling like cookies with gum mastic, patisseries, stuffed squash blossoms, tasty toast unique to the town, sprat fish and its crystal-clear beaches. You can also visit Cunda Island, drink coffee with mastic gum at Tarihi Tas Kahve, take beautiful photos and start the new week rested.



Olympos, a settlement in Kumluca, Antalya, is one of the favorite places for vacation lovers as an ever-popular destination. In Olympos, a place surrounded by untouched nature, you can swim, paraglide, raft, scuba dive, take ATV tours, and rest your eyes and soul in the vast blue on boat tours you will take.



Olympos, which is also the nesting area of ​​caretta carettas, shines out as one of the destinations ideal for those who want to rest and refuel energy, and as a destination famous not only for its daytime activities like sea and sun but also for its active and colorful nightlife.






Datca, one of the destinations that become an addiction with its crystal-clear beaches, rich-blue sea and deep-rooted history and that is the favorite of those who are looking for serenity, can be included in the list as a suitable alternative for a weekend vacation. You can feel the mysterious atmosphere of ancient times when visiting the ancient city of Knidos located herein.



You can taste delicious gozlemes, which is a local delicacy of the region, in Ovabuku, and feel like you are in a different time and period while walking on cobbled street in Old Datca. You can take photos, which is a must during vacation, at Datca Kizlan Windmills that is 8 kilometers from the town. With its history, nature, fabric, sea and unique delicacies, Datca can be the perfect destination for a mini and restful weekend vacation.

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