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Loving and wishing to get to know the world you live in is perhaps one of the greatest passions... The key activity feeding this passion is traveling. Feeling different climates in different geographies, meeting different cultures, getting to know different people and making friends on the other side of the world... They all sound good, right?




Travel, the most enjoyable way to broaden the horizon, deepen the vision, find yourself and refresh, becomes actually a passion for some. Even if we cannot travel during the pandemic, we can fulfill this passion among the pages of the book. What do you say about spending time on an imaginary journey and determining the coordinates to visit as soon as the pandemic is over by leafing through the pages of well-known travel books? So, let's start.



Seyahatname (Book of Travel) / Evliya Celebi

This precious work plays an important role in the fact that Evliya Celebi comes to mind when it comes to travel. Seyahatname, where the famous traveler describes the places he visited in the 17th century through an extremely warm, sincere and plain language, is an inspiring classic reflecting not only the geographies but also the relevant unique architecture, outfit culture, works of art and the daily routines of the people of that country. In fact, we can say that it is a must-have book on the bookcase of a wanderluster.


Ilber Ortayli Seyahatnamesi (Book of Travel by Ilber Ortayli) / Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli

Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli, one of the names that come to mind when it comes to "History" in Turkey, inspires all his audience by his knowledge of history and also by his life experience. Ilber Ortayli shares his travel experiences with the readers in the book of Ilber Ortayli Seyahatnamesi in which he penned the travels he undertook. Prof. Dr. Ortayli recommends the young generation to travel the world instead of shopping for furniture as soon as they graduate from the school, must be obtained.



Rotasiz Seyyah Yol Hikayeleri /Mehmet Genc

Mehmet Genc is a travel guru and a real phenomenon. This extraordinary traveler promises both ideal travel recommendations and joyful time for wanderlusters with his colorful and energizing book in which he compiled his travel memories.




De Viaje Por Europa Del Este/ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the world-renowned and beloved writer of Latin America, De Viaje Por Europa Del Este includes notes from the travels of the writer to Eastern European countries in 50s. This book gives cultural details of countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, East Germany and the Soviet Union.



Journals /Christopher Columbus

The book of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus about the countries he crossed through while discovering America is also of the attractive books for wanderlusters.





Journey to Portugal / Jose Saramago

Jose Saramago, the famous writer of the world literature whose “works have become a cult”, tells about his six-month trip to Portugal in 1979. Saramago, who travelled across his homeland Portugal, offers the reader a comprehensive and rich experience by this book.




Twilight in Italy / D.H Lawrence

With a very important position in world literature,  D.H. Lawrence tells about his journey from Germany to the Alps and then to Italy, one of the most colorful and attractive countries in the world, with his unique turn of expression. The writer broke out of the classical style and included countryside and nature in his work "Twilight in Italy", creating an engrossing work.



Japan / Lafcadio Hearn

Japan is a completely different category for some of the wanderlusters. Reflecting 19th and 20th century Japan, the book shows traditional Japanese culture through the pen of Lafcadio Hearn.





Must-See Places Before You Die - 225 Greatest Places in the World / National Geographic

National Geographic, which has become a branded publication, brings together the most remote corners of the world with wanderlusters with this book.  This book, an impressive compilation where you forget the time, makes your soul wander around the mysterious corners of the world.




Abbas Yolcu / Attila Ilhan

The book on the trips of the famous poet Attila Ilhan in Anatolia and France during 1949-1952 is one of the best travel experiences to read.

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