Tips To Make Real Salep At Home

Salep, one of the favorite drinks in the winter, not only yields pleasure with its rich cinnamon flavor but also boosts the immunity. Salep has been a tradition since the Ottoman period and has numerous benefits. It confers resistance against infectious diseases such as cold and flu and has a richer flavor when made with the tips in mind.




We answered the question "How to make real salep at home" for those who want to make salep like served in almost every patisserie and café but are not sure if they will get the same taste. Here are the tips for making salep.  





Before the recipe of salep, we must note that you need to make sure that the salep powder is natural when buying it. Its taste may disappoint you as unnatural salep does not give the desired taste. When you buy the salep from reliable herbal stores and make it with the proper method, you can get the same taste as the salep you drink outside. 




The most important tip is to buy fresh salep. Salep, the raw material of ice cream that is the favorite of summer days, is derived from a species of orchid plant. The real salep may be quite a bit more expensive as it is a rare plant and obtained by grinding the dried root tubers of orchid, going through a difficult production stage.




Firstly, you can buy 100 grams of salep from the herbal store to get the same taste as real salep. This amount of salep will be enough for a long time as you will need a very small amount each time you make. Another tip for making good salep is the origin of the milk you use to make it. The taste of salep will be doubled when you use natural, additive-free milk instead of pasteurized milk.




1 dessert spoon of salep powder per half liter of milk and half a teaspoon of salep powder for a cup of salep will be sufficient. You can add as much as sugar you want into the salep depending on your own taste.





How To Make Delicious Salep

Here are the tips for and details on delicious home-made salep. Pour half of the milk you will use to make salep in a pot and put it on the stove. Add sufficient amount of salep and desired amount of granulated sugar into the remaining half of the milk and then mix it thoroughly until no lumps remain. You can also add a small amount of vanilla into the mixture if you wish.




When the milk on the stove starts to heat, add the milk, which contains sugar and salep, gradually, while stirring it continuously. Continue to stir the salep on low heat. When it thickens, take it from the stove, pour it into a cup and sprinkle with cinnamon powder before serving. If you wish, you can also put cinnamon sticks into the salep you make. But, the cinnamon powder goes better with the salep.




Stirring continuously is also one of the most important tips when cooking salep. If you do not stir, lumps will form in the salep, leaving a bad taste in the mouth. You need to  continuously stir the salep on the stove for a smooth drink.





Is Salep a High-Calorie Drink?

A cup or a glass cup (200 ml) of salep is about 195 calories. When you add granulated sugar and drink more than a glass cup/cup of salep per day, the calorie will also increase.  However, when you drink it sufficiently, it will yield pleasure, while providing benefits to your health. Enjoy it!

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