Tips for Traveling with a Baby

How to get a passport for a baby is one of the major concerns of the families with babies. It is normal to be daunted by traveling with a baby, but once you complete certain procedures, a problem-free travel is possible. In our article, we have listed some useful tips for parents who are going to travel by bus or plane with a baby. 



How to Travel with a Baby

If you have a baby, then do's of a long trip are on your radar. The first thing you should do is to pack up a bag to have the essential items at hand. You should have this bag with you at all times, separately from the checked baggage. The baby travel bag with all the essentials will help you a hassle-free experience even on the longest journeys.  


Flying with a Baby

•If your baby is younger than 6 months old and you need to travel by plane, then the first thing you should do is to consult your doctor and check if there is any problem with traveling by plane with your baby.

•As babies are often more cranky in the evening, daytime traveling will make it easier.

•The answer to the question "Can babies travel by plane?" is "yes". Once you have a bag with everything that your baby needs, a comfortable flight is possible. If you have all the needs, including food, diapers, cream, powder, etc., with you, then you will have the most done.

•Choosing a seat close to the lavatory during check-in is also important.

•Feeding time is another difficulty of traveling by  plane with a baby. When you need to warm your baby's food, you can ask for help from the cabin crew. For sure, they will help you in this respect. 

•Arriving earlier at the airport is another important thing for those traveling with a baby. So, everything that needs to be done can be easily completed without rushing, leaving you time for your baby.

•Another frequently asked question is whether it is allowed to a take baby stroller on the plane or not. Baby strollers are not allowed on the plane. You have to fold the stroller and deliver it to the person in charge. You can use a kangaroo to carry your baby comfortably.

Bus Travel with a Baby

Many parents can be daunted by traveling with a baby, but it can be easily managed, if important details are taken into consideration. Let's take a look at the points to consider for those who are going to travel by bus with a baby:

•Make sure that you have your seat belt on. When you are safe, your baby is safe too. You can request a baby seat belt for your baby from the attendant, to protect your baby against shocks that may occur during the ride. 

•Have a travel bag that contains all the essentials, including diapers, extra clothes, food, wet wipes, bottle, diaper rash cream, pacifier, antipyretic syrup and medication. Make sure that you also take a blanket and a few warm clothes with you.

•If your baby takes supplementary food in addition to breast milk, then you can take fruit puree, yogurt and similar foods, which do not quickly spoil, with you.  

Things to Consider While Traveling with a Baby

•The most important thing to do to keep your baby calm and to make him/her fall asleep easily is breastfeeding. You can breastfeed your baby, particularly during takeoff and landing, to protect him/her from cabin pressure.

•Being prepared with food is another important detail when traveling with a baby. Have your baby's follow-on milk, water and similar foods with you.

•Make sure that the bag you prepare for your baby contains only necessary things. Be careful to avoid unnecessary things that take up unnecessary space in your bag. 

•To make sure that your baby, whose immune system is not fully developed, is not affected by air-conditioning during the journey, have a thermometer, saline solution, diaper rash cream, and medications and supplies recommended by your doctor with you.

How to Take a Vacation with a Baby

Taking a vacation with a baby may seem tiring, but you can easily manage it with effective tips.

•If you prefer self-driving while traveling with a baby, make sure that you use a baby car seat. It is a precaution required for the safety of your baby. 

•Avoid journeys that require multiple transits. This will make your baby tired and battered. Prefer destinations that are easily accessible. 

•Make sure that you have a sunscreen recommended by a doctor for your baby and apply it to your baby before sun exposure. 

If you follow all the safety precautions and have all the essentials with you, you will see that the idea of traveling with a baby is not as daunting as it seems. You can also take a look at our article What to Take on Long Car Rides on our Barut Hotels blog page. 


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