Tips for Those Who Want To Welcome The Summer With A Fit Body

Arrival of summer brings a sweet excitement to those who look forward to the arrival of sea season. The easiest and fastest ways to lose a few pounds, easy to hide under thick clothes in winter, are sought to look more fit in swimsuits and bikinis. It is not all about getting fit for the summer, but getting a body with an ideal weight for 12 months of the year and maintaining overall wellbeing. We have compiled in our article the effective tips to help those who want to welcome the summer by getting rid of extra pounds in a short time and in a healthy manner as summer approaches.        



Here are tips to help lose permanent weight and welcome the summer with a fit body…

*Although breakfast is referred to be the essential meal of the day, you can have your first meal at noon if you are not hungry in the morning or suffer from low energy. The essential meal of the day is when you are really hungry and can enjoy eating. So listen to your body and pay attention the signs to eat. This will make you get the best result.




*Frequent eating results in fluctuations in blood sugar levels and makes your pancreas to constantly secrete insulin. This means storage of fat by the body. When losing weight and in every stage of life, eat only when you are really hungry so that you can completely burn off the calories from the previous meal. This means leaving a gap of at least 4 hours between two meals. Eating only when you are hungry and stopping eating when you are full is important to help you reach the ideal weight and keep your weight stable.



*Carbohydrates are the primary fuel of the body. We take energy from the carbohydrates. Muscle tissue is damaged and kidneys and other organs get tired when you eat only protein-containing foods and do not take carbohydrates. The most important consideration is the type of carbohydrate. Staying away from simple carbohydrates, which leads to sudden rise in blood sugar and weight gain, and preferring complex carbohydrates will be the most healthiest approach.




* Stay away from all foods containing refined sugar and refined flour, packaged food products and junk food as they all include simple carbohydrates and are must-avoid foods.

*Complex carbohydrates are found in fresh vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, nuts and legumes. These healthy foods containing carbohydrates will give you energy while preventing weight gain.




*Water consumption plays a supportive role in getting rid of extra pounds. 8 cups of water a day is required both for your health and to support weight loss.

*Drinking 3-4 liters of water a day may make your kidneys tired and cause edema. 

*In case of quick weight loss with shock diets, your body will memorize and get used to it in the future. So you will no longer need to be constantly on diet if you adopt healthy diet as a lifestyle.   



*Even the most innocent fruit you eat late at night slows down your weight loss and makes your metabolism tired. When you sleep hungry, you will wake up more fit and your weight loss will accelerate. Make this a dietary habit.

*Sleeping pattern also plays a key role in your weight loss journey. Going to bed at 23.00 and waking up at 6-7 not only activates your growth hormones, but also ensures cell renewal and makes weight loss easier.



*Stress is another factor undermining your efforts towards weight loss.  The hormone cortisol secreted during stress will cause water retention and inhibit burning of the fat stored. If you avoid stress and realize that the flow of your life is in your hands, you will also realize that this awareness makes your weight loss easier.


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