Tips for Making Your Wardrobe Ready for Winter

Picking out the pieces you no longer wear while making your wardrobe ready for winter will give you the advantage to open up more space in the bedroom or dressing room. While updating your wardrobe for winter, you need to empty out the wardrobe fully and organize winter clothes after sorting out and storing away the summer clothes. This will be also like a perfect detox for your wardrobe. 




Using organizers will also help organizing the wardrobe. So, “How should be the wardrobe arranged?”. Let's start making your wardrobe ready for winter together.

*Pick out and store away your summer clothes that you find out you no longer use. You can store them away for old cloth recycling bin. Now you can see how much space is opened up in your wardrobe for your ease.




*You can also store away the clothes, which are too big for you compared to the winter of the last year, to take them to the tailor.

* Make sure that the hangers you use in the wardrobe are made of materials that do not damage your clothes. So you can prefer wooden, iron or plastic hangers. There are different hangers for trousers, skirts, coats, coats, shirts, ties and shawls. You can prevent your clothes from getting damaged when you choose the right hanger.



*Placing more frequently used clothes and accessories in the front of your wardrobe is a more practical solution. For example, you can store your ties, shawls, scarves and similar accessories in the front of the wardrobe so that they are easy to access. In this way, they occupy less space and are easy to find. As a practical and fast solution, you can also place the trousers, jackets, shirts, sweaters and similar clothes, which you often wear, in the front parts of the wardrobe, which you can access easily.



*You can get organizers to make the most of your wardrobe. Organizers will help you increase the storage capacity of the wardrobe and ensure a much more organized space. Organizers such as shelves with dividers, drawers, vacuum bags, large and small bags, suit carriers and garment dress covers can make things easier for you and ensure more organized spaces.




*To use your wardrobe efficiently, you can store everyday items such as socks and underwear in drawers with dividers, and bedding sets, pillows, duvets and blankets in vacuum bags, and keep the clothes you wear on special occasions in garment dress covers and shoes in their own boxes.

*Start cleaning your wardrobe from the top shelves after emptying out all the clothes in your wardrobe to prevent the return of dust into the already cleaned spaces.



When wiping your wardrobe, you can use natural cleaning products rather than chemical products. After wiping, you should make sure that the wardrobe is completely dry. Damp wardrobe shelves are not good for your clothes.   

* When we say sorting out summer clothes, we are not strict on storing away all summer clothes. Some summer pieces can also help you in winter. For example, you can wear your shorts and mini skirts with tights or boots in winter. So you can keep some of your shorts and mini skirts in your wardrobe with winter clothes.


* You can also keep your summer t-shirts and blouses in the wardrobe for winter. So you need to open up space for these pieces, which perfectly match with long and loose cardigans. 

*Even though wearing white in winter is not a common practice, this seems to change now. There is no reason not to keep your white denim pants and skinny jeans on your wardrobe shelves.




*You can rack your sleeveless summer dresses with hangers and call them into play in winter. Combined with cardigans, mini jackets and denim jackets, these sleeveless summer dresses will offer you a rich repertoire of clothing.

* Think twice before putting your carrot pants in space bags. Because you can wear these stylish and comfortable carrot pants in warm offices.

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